BFF or Boyfriends – Blue Bailey & Nick Sterling; Johnny V & Adam Ramzi; Nick Capra & Brent Corrigan

Blue Bailey and Nick Sterling have been really close for the past half a year, first spotted together at IML in May 2014, they hung out again during Folsom Fair yesterday. Blue Bailey tweeted ‘Just a boy with his puppy at the fair’ and referring to Nick as the pup. The two live two coasts apart so I am not sure if they are an item or not but they certainly get along well so more likely BFF.

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Porn Stars At Folsom 2014

It’s the annual Folsom weekend in San Francisco and all kink, sex, and porn stars are present to promote your sexual pleasure.

After much controversy and hypocrisy regarding bareback, Lucas Entertainment now brands itself as ‘premier bareback studio’ and filmed Donnie Dean‘s first bareback scene with Dato Foland in San Francisco.

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Las Vegas had big stars such as Celine Dion, Britney Spears, and Elton John but all after the prime of their careers and served as the last stop before retirement. In gay porn, we have for pretty much the same purpose.

Just look at Colby Jansen and Bobby Clark and even my beloved Jarec Wentworth. We can all agree these guys certainly are past their prime but hosts them and guarantees them number of scenes just like the 10 shows Celine Dion sings at Caesars Palace every week.

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Ripped Caden at Sean Cody

Sean Cody never ceases to amaze me on how they scout these hotties. The latest is Caden who is ripped with a smile and a fuzzy ass that is destined for fucking! (so I pray).

Most amazing is his set of abs but Caden also has a pretty nice cock with a thick bush, amazing legs, and huge fucking arms I wanna roll my tongue on!

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Sean Zevran or Brent Corrigan?

The biggest news of this scene is the return of former twink bareback star Brent Corrigan who is back after an unsuccessful attempt at mainstream acting.

However it seems Brent Corrigan‘s career will be a lot more challenging this time. He’s no longer the adorable muscle-twink he was 10 year ago, at age 28, he faces a bunch of other gays who are more handsome and buffer than himself.

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BTS: Whole Falcon Team Brent Corrigan, Sean Zevran, Boomer Banks, Johnny V is in Las Vegas

Practically all Falcon exclusives are currently in Las Vegas now filming new scenes directed by Nick Foxx for its Monster Bang line.

My favs include Johnny V with his ripped abs and glowing smile and Sean Zevran taking selfies during his break. I have no clue the pairings but I already know I want to watch any scene containing Johnny V, Sean Zevran, David Benjamin, and hot bottom Brian Bonds.

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