BTS: Jimmy Clay & Jordan Levine at Randy Blue

Jimmy Clay just doesn’t shoot gay porn anymore so his appearance at Randy Blue came as a surprise. Save for his last scene in June when he shoved a dildo up his ass, Jimmy Clay hasn’t filmed in two years and he was paired with Jordan Levine 2 days ago at Randy’s house looking quite chummy and I am definitely excited about.

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BTS: Theo Ford, Andrea Suárez, Brenner Bolton, Brent Corrigan for Falcon

I earlier reported that Theo Ford and Andrea Suárez were in Las Vegas filming a rubber flick at Hot House.

The two continued to film more scenes in Las Vegas, this time for Falcon directed by Bruno Bond in a more homey romantic setting. Theo Ford fucked Brent Corrigan in one scene then also topped Brenner Bolton in the second and it looks like they have fun on the set.

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Dani Robles Bent Over for Jessy Ares

I’ll say it again: I love Dani Robles and he’s the best Dani Robles since he débuted at Men At Play discovery this year.

Even though the Spanish hunk has moved to for the newest scene, Dani Robles is still dressed in suit & tie with an office scene getting fucked by Jessy Ares in The Gay Office.

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