BTS: Workout at NakedSword; Alexander Gustavo at Divine Bitches

mr. Pam and Leo Forte were busy the whole week in San Francisco filming several scenes for Workout. Alexander Gustavo was the first to arrive filming with Jed Athens. Also in the series are Colt Rivers, Leo Sweetwood and Adam Ramzi. Scroll down for more of Workout.

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Dionisio Heiderscheid is the Hottest 40 year old

Dionisio Heiderscheid celebrated his 40th birthday in May 2014 and he is definitely THE HOTTEST 40 year old or even THE HOTTEST MAN out there today!

His frequent social media updates show a man who got hotter with age. At 40, he has some wrinkles and grey on his roots that make him all the more sexier and D.O.’s body hasn’t changed since his first gay porn scene 7 years ago in 2007 – the rippling 8 pack abs and his smooth glutes are unbelievable!

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There’s Never Too Much of Abraham Al Malek

I never understood the idiom ‘too much of a good thing’ because I can never have too much of hot men and gay sex.

Abraham Al Malek fucks three hot asses in a row and I can’t imagine anybody complaining there’s ‘too much’ of him. The hunky Lebanese-born porn star fucked Bruno Boni in Madrid (filmed in May 2014), slammed his furry nuts up Johnny V in Filthy Fucks scene 2 then sucked then fucked Billy Santoro in Ass to Grind at Hard Friction.

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BTS: Nick Sterling and Deviant Otter Play with Toys

Nick Sterling and Deviant Otter met for a piggy session at Fort Troff in Atlanta, GA yesterday to showcase the sex plethora of sex toys I didn’t know even existed. The two became their piggy selves as Nick Sterling played the dom, including stuffing Hollow Butt Plug up Deviant Otter’s ass, locking Deviant in a collar and left him in a cage with a dog tail up the ass – all designed to spice up your sex life.

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Tommy Defendi Plays a Daddy fucking Ian Levine & Tyler Hill

Tommy Defendi‘s new bearded look and bigger muscles make him all the more believable as a therapist who happens to fuck twink couple Ian Levine & Tyler Hill at Helix Studios.

Remember that Tommy Defendi is really only 26 years old but he looks like a hot daddy placed next to the smooth twinks.

I am sure this violates some sort of therapist-client code of conduct but would you complain if Dr. Defendi was willing to share his fat tube with you?

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