Eric Pryor Doesn’t Enjoy Getting Fucked

Eric Pryor and Nicco Sky at Randy BlueMike West fucks Eric Ryor at Randy BlueRandy Blue newbie Eric Pryor is just not into it when it comes to getting fucked. In some recent scenes, Eric Pryor has trouble staying hard when getting fucked by Chris Rockway, Reese Rideout and Nicco Sky which is hard to believe because they are gorgeous. To top it off, Eric Pryor realises the problem and tries to cover his soft dick (above left photo) in the latest scene when riding Nicco Sky’s cock.

See the issue for yourself in the several scenes posted.
Chris Rockway fucks Eric Pryor at Randy BlueReese Rideout fucks Eric Pryor at Randy Blue

Eric Pryor and Nicco Sky at Randy BlueEric Pryor and Nicco Sky at Randy Blue
Nicco Sky and Eric Pryor
Reese Rideout fucks Eric Pryor
Chris Rockway fucks Eric Pryor
Mike West fucks Eric Pryor

  • aqw

    Shame on him!

  • Ricky

    I was quite taken by nico in the beginning but now that i know he’s straight i really lost all interest, he’s absolutely eye candy and sor tof my type but still he should be fucking girls

  • tom in portland

    I have never seen anything saying Nico is straight. Plenty of reports saying exactly the opposite. I think Ricky is confusing him with several other RB models who insist they are “gay for pay” only.
    As for Eric’s limp dick, this is really as a Randy Blue problem as an Eric problem. There are limp dicks in far too many RB episodes. The directors and camera men at RB are simply lazy or they like to see the flacid dicks, like George Duroy at Bel Ami. In Eric’s latest scene he doesn’t even start off hard when he is bottoming. That is something the director can and should remedy.

  • StarrFucker

    Note. When photographing a model sitting on a cock I often ask the boy on top to pull up his balls. The damn nuts block the hole

  • StarrFucker

    Oh and Nicco is Gay. He has never said otherwise… He is on Twitter if you want.

  • Dan Glenn

    i think your expectations of a hard dick when getting fucked are unreasonable. I realize that porn stars are our superheroes in the gay community, but I see nothing wrong in the photos above. Rico’s dick is hot even soft when he’s riding a cock.

  • sirmek

    eric pryor luvs getting it in the ass i know! the hell with his cock, when that sweet ass is there to look at