Going to Coyote Point with JR Matthews by Titan Men

JR Matthews in Coyote Point

Another one of Titan‘s many location themed flicks (110 degrees in Tuscon, Back to Barstow, Slow Heat in a Texas Town), Coyote Point brings seven hot menincluding dreamboat JR Matthews to explore their urges and sees the return Dakota Rivers who looks even hotter. Cast includes Titan Man David Anthony, Scott Campbell, Luke Cassidy, Tyler Saint, Slade.

Dakota Rivers in Coyote PointDavid Anthony in Coyote Point
Luke Cassidy in Coyote PointScott Campbell in Coyote Point
Slade in Coyote PointTyler Saint in Coyote Point

Coyote PointCoyote Point Coyote PointJR Matthews sucks Tyler Saint and Slade in Coyote PointJR Matthews sucks Tyler Saint and Slade.

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    JR Matthews engulfs David Anthony’s humongous cock with his smooth as silk yearning asshole and it is a sight to behold for all of us. I can only imagine [even through a rubber] how great that felt. [referring to Titan’s “Coyote Point”]