Raging Stallion’s Hot Redhead Ryan Patrick

Ryan Patrick Raging Stallion exclusiveRaging Stallion‘s stable of exclusive men has always been of the dark hair kind, i.e. Steve Cruz and Austin Wilde. But there’s always a first and the first redhead has been added to that list with little publicity even after being in two movies. Redhead Ryan Patrick didn’t come to my attention until Race Cooper shared him in his blog because the two are shooting a scene together next week and the guy is HOT. Besides the fiery bush framing his fat cock, he’s got this dirty look in his eyes that can do some mean things making him a great fit for the studio.

Based on the two films he’s been in thus far, Fistpack 25: Junkyard Fist Dogs and Unloaded, smooth fiery bush Ryan Patrick is a deviant one.

Ryan Patrick Raging Stallion exclusiveRyan Patrick Raging Stallion exclusive
Fistpack 25: Junkyard Fist Dogs Raging StallionUnloaded  Raging Stallion

  • Glenn

    What I would give to have a night with a stud like Ryan Patrick!

  • seedbox

    this guy is incredible!…fucked me cross eyed the last time I was in SF…he’s only 23-24 but he fucks like a champ!…knows how to use that hog of his for sure!.

  • babygorilla

    hes on his way to my apt. right now in ny :)
    lucky me found him on grindr