Aden and Jordan Jaric Back Together

Aden and Jordan JaricFalcon exclusive couple Aden and Jordan Jaric are back together after a highly publicised break-up two months ago. The two were in Las Vegas over the weekend go-go dancing at The Revolution in Mirage and Jordan tweeted “I missed my baby so much…some things will never change” with the above photo of them smooching in front of the mirror.

In fact they enjoyed their time so much they extended their stay an extra night possibly to rekindle their love. Below is their hotel room and their limo from the airport.

Jordan Jaric Tweets
Jordan Jaric
Jordan JaricAden and Jordan Jaric

  • nhuixnhuix

    Actually reading their Twitter feeds you have some very dramatic Tweets a few days ago that those who pay too much attention could have told you would lead to this.
    I feel I need to get a life. LOL

    Anyway happy they are back together.

  • Jason

    I guess you follow their tweets a lot more closely than I do! Good for them!

  • Fred

    What a comedy: pathetic