Government Cost Cutting Affects Tim Kelly

Tim SweeneyThe effects of the poor economy doesn’t really hit home until it affects someone we know and that may just as well be a porn star in need. The New York Times reported last week of the government reductions in drug spending including medications for H.I.V. patients and one such patient is muscle daddy porn star Tim Kelly, a regular at Hot Older Male.

Under its massive cost-cutting mode in the face of huge deficits, Florida has placed 49 year old Tim Kelly (real name Tim Sweeney) on it’s waitlist for H.I.V. medications because he was four days late in filing out his re-enrollment papers. It continues “Mr. Sweeney, who has AIDS, takes six H.I.V. pills twice a day, as well as three other medications. Their total retail cost: $4,500 a month.” Tim Kelly is getting by with the help of social agencies where he frequents weekly for medication and awaiting responses from pharmaceutical companies.

Read New York Times – Economy Hurts Government Aid for H.I.V. Drugs for the story about Tim Sweeney’s plight. I wish him luck and hope that he gets the resources he needs for his situation.

Tim Kelly BigMuscle

  • http://None Amichiniguis

    I have only a few questions: Does he already had H.I.V. when he filmed the bareback scene with Tom Chase in Butch Bear – The Big One?, does Tom Chase has H.I.V. ? I don’t understand, tell me please.

    Please, I don’t want to disturb anybody. Forgive me if I offend someone.

  • Jason

    The article says Tim has been dealing with HIV for 20 years and so he was HIV+ when he filmed with Tom Chase for The Big One in 2009.

  • hot bb

    So Tom Chase also has HIV then… Oh god dunno how many got it from these 2 bears…

  • John

    Just because Tom Chase filmed a scene with someone who is HIV+ does not logically mean Tom Chase is HIV+. By that logic, and I am no way implying this is the case, but I am pointing out the logic is flawed, are we to assume Matthew Rush is HIV+ because he bottomed for Tim Kelly on

  • Jason

    I’m not sure about the Tim Kelly – Tom Chase scene but having reviewed Tim Kelly fucking Matthew Rush at Hot Older Male, condoms were used which drastically reduced HIV transmission.

  • Jim

    Tom Chase used to advertise his HIV + status long ago when he had an ad on some escort site. Too bad about Matthew Rush.

  • Liberace

    6 comments about who Tim was fucking and whether they were poz or not, and not a single comment about the article’s content which warns of the looming specter of budget cuts hurting people who need HIV meds, including gays.

    No wonder gays don’t get any respect. Fucking idiots.

  • Aly

    Tim Kelly is a gorgeous man. He’s absolutely beautiful. The Government should be ashamed of themselves, does tim have a website or contact information where I can donate some money to him?

  • Really?

    So, Aly, you would like to donate money to someone with HIV purely because they are physically attractive to you? How oddly shallow.