Rod Daily & Parker London Work on Cody Cummings’ Ass

Rod Daily, Parker London, Cody Cummings
Cody Cummings is pretty adamant about his heterosexuallity meaning he won’t suck cock or get fucked and it almost made headlines when Cody Cummings first kissed at guy (Rod Daily) but this gay-for-pay marketing is getting boring. I say “great” if you are straight or bi and plainly sexual, have fun on camera and kudos for bringing us to orgasm, but Next Door’s constant barrage of Cody Cummings’ heterosexuality and his reluctance to get down on some real man-to-man action is near annoying.

In the latest scene, they tease “Have you ever wanted to see Cody Cummings getting fucked? What about sucking dick? Well, in today’s scene, one of things just might happen!

You never know what shananigans Cody, Rod Daily & parker London will pull, but when they’re horny, naked and in the moment, almost anything is possible.”

As expected, the big “surprise” is that Cody Cummings gets rimmed and some assplay by Rod Daily (my fav) and Parker London in the latest threeway.

At this point, I don’t think anybody cares anymore if Cody Cummings gets gangbanged ’til he’s limping because it won’t happen and a straight ass getting plowed is not really news anymore in 2010, look at Landon Mycles.

For those who care, here’s the Parker London, Rod Daily and Cody Cummings 3 way Ass Play trailer

Rod Daily, Parker London, Cody CummingsRod Daily, Parker London, Cody CummingsRod Daily, Parker London, Cody CummingsRod Daily, Parker London, Cody CummingsRod Daily, Parker London, Cody Cummings

  • wein

    you mean cummings was in this scene?with parker and london fucking like crazy no-one noticed him anyway

  • interpolic13

    I think you’ve really hit the nail on the head, most people are getting bored with Cody and NextDoor’s constant heterosexual marketing…

  • C

    Not only that but the scene is damn near 6 months old! However, keeps paying nextdoor deserves what they get. Nextdoor is a rip off.

  • Jeff

    Cody is totally boring. He is the nightmare one picks up at the bar – looks good from a distance, but just lays there all night. Surely he doesn’t make much money. I mean, I love the str8 guy, but he is more boring than str8. Many of his vids he doesn’t even get totally hard. I would like to hear that he got ambushed in an alley and totally fucked up!

  • thisnthat

    Cody, come back when you have another guy’s cock in your mouth.