Jim Ferro is One Hot Daddy

One pastime of a gay porn blogger is trolling thru gay profiles and I hit the jackpot when I came across the profile of a 52 year old body builder who looks amazing that I wish to look like that any day. Né Bob Basile, Jim Ferro is the newest star in TitanMen flick StockRoom who admits in his BigMuscle profile that he’s a “filthy old man” befitting of his image in the film as he fills hoses down a caged JR Matthews with his pierced cock.

I’m totally in awe of this guy’s body and he fills out his rubber suit in StockRoom perfectly. Bob Basile only particpated in his first body building competition two years ago, the 2008 NPC Atlantic States Bodybuilding, Figure & Fitness Championships and garnered two titles for Novice Heavyweight and Masters over 45. From his BigMuscle profile, Jim Ferro is personal trainer and career life coach by day, also known as Coach Bob, he’s one jacked 52 year old whom I’d like to train with although in all honestly, it’s not like I’d accomplish much as I’d spend my hour starring as him. Matching his phenomenal body is an alpha personality who just likes to fuck bareback as he advertises on Manhunt.

(He’s taken down his BigMuscle and Manhunt profiles as I am writing this and he’s a screen cap of one)
Jim Ferro Manhunt
6′ |230|Hung
Interested in bareback bottoms that work out regularly. If you’re in good shape, lean toward bottom and enjoy a masc and aggressive top, I think we would have a good time. I don’t pull out. If I strike oil it’s over, so please be prepared. If it’s not a match I won’t respond just to save us both some time. West Village here.

Jim Ferro aka Bob Basile BigMuscle
Coach Bob Fitness
Career Coach

  • T-Bird

    damn he is hotttttttttttttttttttttt! Um, too late to answer his ad ? lol

  • ted

    Hot but he doesn´t reply any mails.

  • Drake

    I LOVE his SCENE !!!!!!!
    One of my favorite newcomer !!!!!!!!!

  • John Dough

    His MH profile is still up, as is his BM profile:


    He’s also on barebackrt.com:


  • http://none Tony

    Slob who has unsafe sex.

  • Matt

    he breeds me all the time and i fucking love it!

  • Mark

    I met him – he’s a really decent guy

  • Jeff

    I met him years ago and I’m sorry but he is not a nice person at all. He has a lot of attitude and is very very picky as to who he fucks with…Yes that is his right but he does not have to be a dick about it.

    Its a shame at 52 he has to go backwards in life and resort to being in porn movies and an escort who is open about barebacking.

    This is not a together person if you can just read between the lines here…

    Look past the looks and at the person cuz he is one of the ugliest people I have met.

    And his porn scene is really boring!!

  • Matt

    @jeff- sounds like your bitter cause your not one of the lucky ones to get his cock…haha..he loves fucking my ass and i gladly give it to him anytime he wants it ;)

  • aaron

    That guy’s a mess! I’ve seen him around the city for years, and he always seems so insecure. I love it that he’s supposed to be a life coach. Oh the irony!

    And now he’s doing bareback porn? How depressing…

  • Liam

    This guy is so boring on screen and he seems to always be paired with some really ugly men, says a lot for him really! He goes to my gym and is so up himself and rude to everyone. He must be so unhappy with his life to turn to porn at such a late time in his life.
    And as for him being a life coach, what a joke! This guy is seriously fucked in the head.

  • Ronny

    Bob, Jim, Riptmuscle what ever this guys calls himself, stay clear! He is really fucked up! And have you seen the unattractive guys who he fucks on screen!!!! He’ll stick his dick into anyone. This guy is one very sad old man.

  • Dave

    Bob Basile is a good guy who is seriously trying to kill himself. This is someone with an MBA from NYU, worked at various top Wall Street frims as a bond trader. Now he is fifty plus years old and doing porn and escorting. No one deserves this life. I pity him. Bob, if you are reading this, get help.

  • pablo

    I always thought this guy was soooo HOT and sexy. Definetely my style…but all i ve been reading about him r terrible stories. Hes that mean???? And btw he has the right to do porn and escort job of he wants too…even BB…its his choice, we cant judge others :)

  • marcus

    i’ve hooked up with him. i found his arrogant attitude a major turn on. i had a great time and I’d probably hook up with him again, because i like the fantasy of being used by a really cocky top. he likes to call your asshole a “cunt,” which i liked. its not like you are marrying the guy…you are hooking up with him to get his cock in your ass.

  • sam wagner

    I have know Bob or “Jim” for a few years. Three years ago he took the time to help me through a very difficult and emotional time in my life . He met with me once a week and free of charge listened to me and gave me suggestions to cope with life’s challenges . I will always remember those meetings and think of him in the highest regards. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover. He is a very caring man.