Hot or Not: James Huntsman

James Huntsman
I can’t figure out if James Huntsman is hot or not. Yes, the guy is a porn star with chiseled pecs and sculpted abs, a muscular back and jacked up biceps, evidence he’s spent lots of time in the gym but lacks the classic handsome looks such as Marcus Mojo. Yet I love that James Huntsman love the attention and it’s all on display here, as he flexes and strokes through a full range of motion for your voyeuristic pleasure. Watch has he whips out his dick and takes to the Fleshlight with vigor and esteem.

Mix feelings about this guy and I just gotta wait a bit more to see how he pans out.

James HuntsmanJames Huntsman

James HuntsmanJames HuntsmanJames Huntsman
James Huntsman

  • T-Bird

    Cute nice body, he does remind me a little of Mojo tho…have to see him in a scene or two to see how he pans out.

  • http://0 Paul

    My name is Paul, and I would like to know if he ever comes out to San Franciso.
    If yes, give me a call for a meetup, thanks, Paul

    This is a serious email by a guy with lotsa intentions.

  • http://0 Paul

    HI, your guy James Huntsman is so cool and hot I just drip with the hots, wishing to meet someone who is a look alike. I cannot stand how my blood boils when I see his videos, P.

  • andrew

    He is off the charts HOT!!! An awesome body and a beautiful face.