Ex-COLT Man Pete Kuzak / Scott Peters Then and Now

Pete Kuzak
Pete Kuzak
I always love tracking how porn stars have transformed – this time it’s on a ex COLT Man. I came across a recent look of ex-COLT Man Pete Kuzak who looks like nothing of his former self. The god-like creature who graced the covers of COLT circa 2001 and has brought orgasms to many has left bodybuilding and pursued yoga, exploring the zen within.

Within a decade, Pete Kuzak has evolved from a bodybuilder to tone down professional as landscape architect Scott Peters in 2006 and recent pictures show a slim yogie.

Probably no longer a vision I’d jack off to but I am glad the guy has found his inner peace and bodybuilding is no easy task, not the mention maintaining that body.

Pete Kuzak
Pete Kuzak
Pete Kuzak
Pete Kuzak

  • anony.

    He still looks good in that youtube vid

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  • Kasnar

    I’m confused. Was he a yogi before or after Colt? I’ve seen him as a landscape architect. While he doesn’t look quite the same, he’s probably far healthier off the steroids — and I’m mean that sincerely. He was quite a stunner as a Colt Model — one of my all-time favorite.

  • Jason

    kasnar, he became a landscape architect and yogi after COLT. I agree he was stunning in from of the camera but still looks good natural.

  • JL Reed

    Scott is a student in Landscape Architecture at Purdue University. He is interviewing around the country and almost landed a position in Houston, but the west coast is calling his name.

  • manuel villarreal

    Scott is my favorite, is great in all faces of his life
    i want to know more aboyt yoga teacher.

  • Jim Benson

    I had no idea what he had moved on to after Colt. I had actually seen this episode and I KNEW I recognized him from somewhere…I’m glad he’s found other outlets as he’s matured. Better for his body and mind. He’s handsome either way, but miss the facial hair.

  • woulddragon

    I, too, mourn the loss of that beefy stud-muffin. But hey, more power to him.