What Happened to Jet Set Men?

The recent appearance of Angel Rock at CollegeDudes and TheSword locating exclusives Joshua Logan and Billy Heights go-go dancing in Florida triggered a longstanding question I had regarding Jet Set Men. The studio that seemed unstoppable two years ago has stopped production and lost its famed director Chris Steele.

Anybody care to share what happened to Jet Set Men?

I was a fan of Jet Set Men for a few years between 2009 and 2011, blogging every Jet Set release and behind-the-scenes that I could find. Jet Set Men was at the top of the game after Chris Steele joined the studio as partner and director that I applauded its revival. The studio known for producing gay porn parodies as Anthony’s Weener and Jersey Score had a roster of porn stars to die for – i.e. Landon Mycles a.k.a. Marcus Mojo, thick dick Joshua Logan and frequent appearances by Topher DiMaggio. All seemed well until I received an email that their affiliate programme was terminated and the tweets were getting rarer so much so that Chris Steele has shut down his twitter.

Rob Romoni, Jet Set marketing director, still promotes JetSetMen.com but how much longer can it last when the studio doesn’t produce any new scenes.

I love to know what happened. Please share!

Update 8th Dec 2011:

Chris Steele himself emailed me within hours of the blog stating that Jet Set Men is still in business and will be releasing a parody titled Tosh Hole.
Hi Jason,

I still work at Jet Set Men. I have never left and I’m not going anywhere. I have a new gay parody coming out in January called Tosh.Hole (see attached). l’ve got some other projects going on that have kept me busy and I guess I have gotten lax in updating the Jet Set Men blog and Twitter account. I’m surprised anyone noticed I closed my own Twitter months ago.

I’m putting the affiliate program back in place this January or February. We’re changing out our DVD store and I had to stop the program until we got the coding done. It’s coming along and so are some other big web projects but as usual things are taking a littler longer than planned.

As for exclusive models, I decided last year that the practice of signing exclusives had been ruined by so many studios handing out contacts to every model that farts in their direction. Rob really wanted Angel and Billy so I gave in and signed them both since neither had done work for anyone else before hand. At that time Josh’s contract had already ended. Billy decided he didn’t like doing porn so I let him out of his contract after Jersey Score and Angel’s ended way back in August after Anthony’s Weener. He only just now worked for College Dudes. I don’t plan to sign any new guys unless someone like Tyler Saint James comes my way before doing a bunch of scenes for another studio. Had he come to us first I probably would have signed him, orange tan or not. He’s amazing.

Feel free to email me anytime. Hopefully in January we’ll finish our new Jet Set Men DVD store and get our other big projects off the ground and I’ll have more time to update the blog and Twitter. We are not filming right now. December is the worst month to film with holidays but come January I have plans for even more production than we did last year.

Subsequently, he sends me a “Copyright Infringement Notice” alleging that the cover of Jet Set film Jersey Score 2 I posted in the blog entry was “copyrighted material used specifically for the purpose of untrue and defamatory remarks about our employees and our company on this posting.”

I used the cover of Jersey Score 2 for identification purposes without intention to defame. Though my statements may have been untrue (saying that Jet Set has closed down), I was merely questioning the status of Jet Set. I can’t believe an entry about the studio’s status sets off these guys and earns me a warning for copyright infringement, seemingly
an attempt to suppress any less than positive publicity about them.

  • T-Bird

    Seems like they just couldn’t keep up with the raging falcon machine taking talent, and cockyboys taking the others not too mention ch1.

  • bobby

    jet set men had a big fire and lost all their movies

  • T-Rex

    It is called handing out too much content and not getting paid for it . when people cannot pay in say net 30 or 45 or 60 . you do not send them more until you are bleeded dry ! that is what happened from what I heard . bad business sense
    plus producing more videos and not bringing in themoney to continue … well
    you do have to shut down too . Also alot of their latest videos and scenes can be seen on the free sites… that does not help either . an xxx business is like any other business of you do not adapt to change and do the right things to survive you
    go out of business . oh well who is next ?????

  • Chuckie

    Interesting news. And yes, Rob Romani is a promoting fool, but as far as I can tell, not a peep about anything at JetSet. One of the things I found curious about JetSet was their lack of diversity. You would think that there studio was based in Iceland rather than Los Angeles.

  • nevi

    i guess it raging stallion didnt buy falcon they would be out of business the same for hot house and colt studios.

    all those studios are in the same group but such as life

  • Terry

    Don’t believe the bullshit posted on here. Jet Set is not going anywhere. Chris Steele is not going anywhere. Jason I have lost all respect for you and your blog. I thought you only posted things that were true not Damon Kruezer like crap that is not true in the least.

    Why are you suddenly turning into the sword.com? Thought you were above playing with petty gossip queens like that. Clearly you are a douche bag who should be slapped.

  • Jeffrey

    Really? You sure? Because didn’t Jet Set just recently release Anthony’s Weener which got a whole bunch of attention everywhere including on Howard Stern? I think I recently read that Jet Set is about to release their new movie Tosh dot hole so what is this all about? Seems to me that the SF BS machine is in full operation which will probably leave them covered in it… Wait, watch, and see.

    Time will tell.

  • Pete

    KARMA !

  • MikeTowers

    what happened to c1r they haven’t release much either.

    raging stallion they purge 4 cowboy movies at once a little much.

    and all the other sites are website based content that purge daily scenes not movies which is getting mostly posted.

    i seriously doubt jet set men is going out of business when they had many huge flicks this year. or did you miss that

  • http://none toni

    Maybe Chris Steell will do porn again ;-)

  • Jason

    Terry, note the title of the post “What Happened to Jet Set Men?” I was uncertain of the happenings at Jet Set and stated a sequence of events that seem to show the studio was shutting down – end of affiliate programme, dismissal of its exclusives and Chris Steele ending twitter. Chris Steele has just responded to my question and I am waiting to see the revamp of the business. Some people need to learn that some criticism is not the end of the world.

  • http://aol.com tj

    Hi Terry & Jeffrey!

    It’s totally not 100% obvious that you’re really Rob and/or Chris leaving these comments on this blog and pretty much any other comment on any blog praising Jet Set’s drivel and trashing Falcon/RS.

    Sad that two “vice presidents” have nothing better to do.

    Clearly business is booming!

  • Pete

    porn parody def killed Jet Set

  • Pete

    @Terry (Chris Steele) shut up

  • nevi

    pete shut up!

    the fact a lie has occured and it also involves another blogger

    its funny how the dumb ass said parodies killed anything . do you have the internet at home? their movies are all over the place. empty posts and obvious agendas.

    this post should just be removed and lets all move on

  • Jeffrey

    I have been a fan of Jet Set for awhile. I’ve also been a fan of Falcon for a long time. Raging does little for me but then again with their content I’m not really the customer they are after. The last few years of Falcon have seen the quality of productions decend to a point that I don’t know if they can ever return from. Their productions were already pretty bad but once Raging took over their productions have become extensions of what Raging produces and totally have lost me.

    Jet Set has stepped up their productions and I really like the parody concept. Really, what’s not to like? Have you seen To Fuck A Predator? Jersey Score 2? One of my favorite scenes this year is Riley Price and Brandon Bangs in To Fuck A Predator… This scene alone deserves an award.

    Reading everything I do on these blogs makes me realize that there appears to be an agenda against Jet Set. Why? Even the original poster of this entry put out there that Chris Steel left the company and that it looked like Jet Set was out of business which was corrected by Chris Steel… But still the OP had to find fault with that. What is the real motive here? Chris Steel provided you with a well written and friendly detailed response. Based on his response I expect more fun things from him.

    Hopefully all of the porn companies can survive the current economic situation and move forward with producing whatever they produce that makes them money. The customers such as myself will vote with their hard earned dollars and buy what turns us on. The slamming of each others companies will serve little purpose to change our minds, mine at least.

  • Jason

    Jeffrey, thx for the very rational comment, I have no agenda in this post but was curious what had happened to Jet Set. I appreciate that Chris Steele himself came out to give the facts. But I was surprised to be hit with an copyright infringement warning.