Franco Ferarri Rides Topher DiMaggio In Hot Pursuit

Franco Ferarri & Topher DiMaggioSort of can’t get enough of Topher DiMaggio, the guy knows how to fuck here LucasIn Hot Pursuit.

Topher is a prick in a suit with an attitude and it shows when he fuck Franco Ferarri who pulls down Topher’s pants and wraps his lips around his cock as soon as they get the chance. Topher is eating up all of the attention, and why shouldn’t he: Topher is hot as hell, and Franco knows it. As a power professional by day, Topher is all about having his needs met, and when having sex all he cares about is getting serviced. He switches around from having Franco suck his dick to eating out Franco’s ass, but it’s all in preparation of an ass fucking, and Franco is on the receiving end!

I love Topher’s aggression as plunges deep into the Brasilian’s ass and has him riding over the sofa and on his back.

Franco FerarriTopher DiMaggio

Franco Ferarri & Topher DiMaggioFranco Ferarri & Topher DiMaggio
Franco Ferarri & Topher DiMaggio

Franco Ferarri &Topher DiMaggioFranco Ferarri &Topher DiMaggio