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  • Brent

    San Francisco is some kind of magical wonderland.

  • Alban

    love the look of the dog at the beginning, like “what is this man doing ?!”

  • SoCal Writah

    I don’t know Marc’s work but this was entertaining and I was surprised at how many pedestrians paid little or no attention to him! I lived in SF from 97 to 01 and went to the Castro at least weekly, but I -never- saw anyone walking around nude! The only time I saw this was at Folsom St. Fair and once when revisiting the city for the Castro Street Fair, I saw a nude porn actor. Is SF’s pro-nudity law fairly new, or are people just more comfortable baring it all now?

  • Têtuniçois

    Great Marc Dylan ! Proud to be naked ! Nudity is freedom

  • Honut Sinti

    Now, a larger sausage would have gotten more reactions.

  • http://www.hamiltonhall.info slammer9

    Barcelona is the city where if you walk naked in the streets it is quite legal. You do see naked people just shopping occasionally, usually gay men admittedly.

    Barcelona is in Spain.

  • evji108

    It’s global warming. It used to be to cold to walk around town naked.

  • Rusty Mills

    Public nudity has been legal in San Francisco for decades, but this wasn’t widely realized, even by the city police. Consequently it wasn’t widely practiced except furtively. And public nudists were often harassed (illegally) by the police.

    But in recent years the word has gotten around that nudity (without sexual behavior) is legal anywhere in the city except in city parks, and so more and more people are making use of this right. Marc Dylan was in no danger of being arrested when he walked around the Castro area naked.

  • JayHobeSound

    Good on Marc. Interesting to think about this guy strolling around naked – no problem – people are calm and some probably appreciate the visual enhancement. Compare to a few years ago when Janet Jackson’s nipple made a brief Super Bowl appearance, some people were screeching about traumatized children and demanding an apology. However, those same people having panic attacks about Janet’s nipple probably allowed their same children to watch violent movies or play violent video games for several hours that same Super Bowl Sunday. Violence = accepted/tolerated. Naked body = scolding/faux outrage. Just my two cents of observation.

  • Andy

    I don’t know about those shoes.

  • Jay

    “proves he’s an exhibitionist” ??? I totally disagree. Nothing sexual going on, so it just proves that his being seen naked does *NOT* get him sexually aroused. Maybe an audience when f*^%king, but he’s just naked. No -ish fetishes at work here.

    Sorry, he’s awesome and comfy naked in public. Yay! @NudeNews

  • FedExGuy

    Gotta hand it to Marc to do this. Nothing wrong with being naked. He is a good looking man and should be proud of it. Been to Castro district many times and the nudity there is tame. The message being sent is it’s OK to be naked and the lack of places to be naked is very limited. Like Las Vegas…where it should be OK to have nude Male entertainment or nude beaches at Lake Mead. What a popular idea and a money making adventure this would be. YOU GO SFO. I always enjoy visiting your city and this kind of stuff makes me revisit again.