Bobby Clark Goes for New Look

Bobby Clark

Bobby Clark‘s image so far has been the ‘all-American blond boy’ but the latest tweet to Kristofer Weston “I’m back in the biz if you haven’t heard, with body hair ;)” may indicate he’s growing up and may soon appear with a new look. In recent photos, he’s growing out the body hair and a goatee, and making sure Kristofer knows it.

Bobby Clark and Kristofer Weston are no strangers as Bobby first shot for Buckshot in 2008 titled Boy Country when I referred to him as a twink.

Bobby ClarkBobby Clark
source: Bobby Clark twitter

  • Pello

    he is now 30 years old… and why did he came back??… forget it, we all know loooool

  • http://internet/explorer Daddy Charles

    8 Sept: 2012: Sat: Hello Bobby Clark: Everyone grows-up @ their own time & maturity comes with age!! You look just great, with the face & body hair, plus the extra weight gives you a very handsome appearance!! Please remember, you have a loyal fan club, with many retired older guys, who all love our Bobby Clark!! Times are hard & a guy has to do what-ever he can to make afew dollars. We are not all born to the silver spoon, {inherited wealth}, see billionaire kids, who just got $600+/- million dollars on his birthday for a present. Be strong & keep-up the excellent work on the movie set. You are always welcome @ my home anytime & I wish you the very best in all you do. A loyal retired fan in So. Calif. Very Warm Regards Bobby!! Daddy Charles.

  • http://QueerPornNation V Exner

    Bobby’s latest pics and movies are the greatest! Great moves come with maturity especially when accompanied by handsome looks and honed talent. Give credit when due and keep up the good work Bobby!