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    21 Dec: 2012: Friday: Merry Christmas Bobby Clark: I am wishing you a safe & happy Merry Xmass!!! Red Flag!! I purchased your dvd (( Sexy Beast )), by Cockyboys for my Xmass gift to myself. I have watched this dvd twice & I cannot find you in this dvd???? You are listed on the front cover in the credits, but I repeat no Bobby Clark??? I have checked for a bonus feature, but I cannot seem to find it???? Did Cockyboy quality control dept make a typo mistake by listing you in credits, but no Bobby Clark.???? Anyway I refuse to purchase anymore dvds from Cockyboys!! Please stay with Falcon/Jocks studios. They will take good care of our beautiful Bobby Clark. Bobby please respond to this error on crediting & listing you in this production. Was this mistake an accident & or laspe of quality control????? When we loyal retired fans purchase your dvds, we want to see our Bobby Clark. I was very disapointed & hoping to see you in Sexy Beast. Bobby please play safe & one great feature of Falcon/Jocks studios is, they believe in ( condoms ) protecting their actors. If any other studio offers you alot of cash to preform Bareback, run like hell & refuse them. We just lost another great Gay actor from Hiv/Aids this holiday season, May He Rest In Peace. He was only 34 or 35 years old???? We cannot afford to lose our beautiful Bobby Clark. I am wishing you & your family a Merry Xmass from the bottom of my heart. Contento Navidad. Very Warm Regards DaddyCharles