Zeb Atlas Going Gay?

Zeb Atlas and Mitch Vaughn
In his decade long gay porn career, Zeb Atlas has been the reluctant gay porn star limiting his man-on-man scenes but lately he’s going gay. 10 years of flexxing, no matter how muscular you are, can get boring and it seems like the gargantuan body builder is going gay finally. Last week he signed a deal with Falcon/RSS and fucked Jimmy Fanz twice and Mann Monroe shares Zeb Atlas fucking Mitch Vaughn on Cocksure Men this week in L.A. It’s not the first time Zeb Atlas fucked for Cocksure men, Zeb fucked Brady Jensen, but that was two years ago and hopefully won’t be his last.

Zeb Atlas and Mitch VaughnZeb Atlas and Mitch Vaughn

Zeb Atlas and Mitch VaughnZeb Atlas and Mitch Vaughn

  • whyowhy

    He’s gross

  • ka

    Zeb Atlas is ugly as fuck. That body, that hair, that tattoo, that face. UGH!!! Go back to straight porn you ugly, gross fuck!

  • CPR

    PULLLEEEZZZ!!!!!! The guy is gorgeouse. I could move in between those thighs and never come out. YUM!

  • danico5

    So right… Zeb is gorgeous, he coul fill anybody’s needs. Just imagine yourself in bed with that big pack of muscles. I bet a lot of guys in the business would love to sign a deal with him, and star in a film with him. So far he’s been great with Adam Killlian and Brady Jensen, deceiving with Matthew Rush and Giovanni, but wait… Imagine him with Alex Marte, Spencer Reed, Marcus Mojo, François Sagat, Marc Dylan, Hank Dutch, Aaron Cage, and so many others.