6’4″ Austin Wolf Fucks Nicco Sky at Randy Blue

Austin Wolf totally dwarfs Nicco Sky at Randy Blue who he lifts to fuck. At 6’4″ weighing 233 lbs, Austin Wolf is like tarzan lifting Jane. Even though things could be both tender and rough, it’s clear that Austin Wolf is in charge. Austin can definitely give as good as he gets, goes down on Nicco as well and most impressive is him holding Nicco in a standing 69 position, eating out that butt.

Austin Wolf’s first scene was a solo at Randy Blue a month ago but this New Yorker has been busy tweeting and getting his foot wet in porn for a few months that he showed up at Folsom 2012 and also escorts.

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Tommy Defendi and Arnaud Chagall at CockyBoys

Tommy Defendi is always a winning ingredient in any scene but add in Arnaud Chagall’s willing ass, it’s explosive. The two make sweet gentle love at CockyBoys and Tommy Defendi has a fat cock that Arnaud Chagall literally is bending over backwards for as he arches his butt out to meet every stroke that brings Tommy Defendi to squirt one of the fattest loads.

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Rogan Richards and Donato Reyes in Rogan’s Crew part 1

Rogan Richards vents his frustration on the camera man Donato Reyes at Men At Play and shows off his amazing topping skills. Rogan shoves his cock down Donato’s throat and fucks his face and pushed his tongue deep into Donato’s amazing bubble butt giving power bottom Donato the fuck of his life. Rogan seems to be on a quest to destroy his hole completely!

Rogan Richards is currently in New York if you want to see him in person.

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Genesis Test Drives JJ at Southern Strokes

It’s cock galore here. I first posted about Southern Stroke‘s newcomer JJ two weeks ago when he first filmed for the site fucking Joey Voxx. What the behind-the-scenes didn’t reveal was that JJ had also been paired with Genesis and Southern Strokes gives Genesis the chance to savour that fat black cock. This scene shows Genesis to be quite the cocksucker to gag on JJ’s heavy piece. Genesis even tweeted that it’s the biggest piece he’s ‘messed w/ ever.’

Plus, I also have numerous pics of Genesis’ cock as he loves to tweet them.

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Colby Jansen and Spencer Fox at The Gay Office

Colby Jansen is the stud, the 6’1″ rugby player takes over Spencer Fox in The Gay Office. Unbeknownst to his colleagues, Colby Jansen gets sucked by Spencer Fox during the meeting and they take it inside the office where teh fun continues.

Colby Jansen also tweeted pics of himself during a rugby match las tweek showing off his beefy torso.

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Derek Atlas and Jake Andrews at Randy Blue

Derek Atlas looks amazing in this scene and he captures Jake Andrews‘ attention immediately. Jake Andrews, handsome in his own right, couldn’t get his lips around Derek Atlas fast enough and rushed to impale himself on Derek’s cock. There’s even a behind-the-scene video of the two after the scene talking sex.

If you want some time with Derek Atlas, he’s has a Rentboy profile.

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Landon Conrad Popular as Ever After Falcon

After separating from Falcon a few months ago, Landon Conrad remains hot and popular as ever. Now with some meat on his bones versus the lean six pack abs during his Falcon days, Landon Conrad‘s appearance in 2 scenes recently goes on to show he’s popular with or without Falcon. Today Landon Conrad bottoms for Isaac Jones in The Inside Job at Men At Play which he shot when he was in London in September. Earlier Landon Conrad fucked Phenix Saint at Str8 To Gay titled Romeo And Mercutio from Romeo and Juliet.

Landon Conrad also fucked J.R. Bronson at MEN.com and banged Mitchell Rock at Deep Inside Part 1.

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Body Builder Max Chevalier takes Musclecub Marko LeBeau

Marko Lebeau has been absent from porn for the past year as he travels the world but Next Door Buddies managed to put the furry musclecub with body builder Max Chevalier a.k.a. Maxime Claude in a scene filmed over the summer. Marko Lebeau is very eager to get his mouth sucking on Max’s fat hard dick and Max Chevalier reciprocates slurping passionately on Marko’s chubby dick plus a nice few lickings of Marko’s tender ass. Though there’s no kissing between the two I love the sight of muscle bound Max is pounding sweet Marko’s furry butt.

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