Gods Ryan Rose and Connor Kline in Bucks County

Connor Kline is looking hotter as a bottom as he presents one of the most perfect asses ever to Ryan Rose in Bucks County 1 scene 3, filmed here. What starts off as a glory hole action in a barn quickly explodes to a hot fuck in the hay with hot close shots of Connor’s hole. Ryan immediately dives into the exquisite mounds tongue first, pinching the globes of Connor’s buns and spreading them. Then, grasping Connor from behind in a half nelson, Ryan power drives his cock into the hot center of Connor’s ass, and they continue fucking until they both dump thick loads on Connor’s smooth chest.

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Bigger Manlier Mike Buffalari

It’s been 2 years since I last blogged of muscle god Mike Buffalari and over this time, the Italian stud has gotten bigger and manlier, plus some tattoos. The latest photos of hulking Mike Buffalari in a sheer bikini barely holding in the goods comes courtesy of Fly Foto showing he’s all grown up with a hairy torso to match. Earlier in the year, Paragon Men captured Mike Buffalari in similar condition, a good 20 lbs of muscle since his last scenes in 2011.

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Kane O’Farrell Returns to Gay Porn fucking at Cazzo

Kane O’Farrell has become a leather muscle hunk since his last gay porn scene in Paradise Found at COLT in 2007 and a is far cry from his Falcon exclusive days circa 2004-05 when he stared in Heaven To Hell, Cross Country Part 2, Flex, Born To Be Bad and Bootstrap. After a 5 year hiatus, Kane O’Farrell has returned to porn fucking Misha Dante for Cazzo Club.

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Bryon Green a.k.a. Mark Kane Should Do Porn

Bryon Green a.k.a. Mark Kane needs to show some dick and ass. It’s just too bad that this Chicago hunk is not doing gay porn because if he does, studio such as Raging Stallion or COLT would snap him up in a minute. I first stalked Bryon Green more than a year ago as he tweets back and forth frequently with another of my favs, Heath Jordan. I can’t tell if they are BFF or if Bryon is in a threeway relationship with Heath Jordan and Robert Gonzalez but they are always together. (BTW, the three of them would make one hot scene!)

Anyways this guy is beautiful and the only way you can lust after him is on his twitter @BryonChicago or fork out the dough and hire him.

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Tony Orion, Aleks Buldocek, Paul Steele is One Big Family

Think a relationship is difficult with another? Newcomers Tony Orion, Aleks Buldocek and Paul Steele got two of them as the three are in a relationship and constitute a family with Paul Steele being the daddy, Aleks Buldocek is the pup and cute Tony Orion is the little pup. I am curious who is the top and the bottom in the family because all of them are tops according to their escort profiles.

All three are newcomers to gay porn and Aleks and Tony Orion filmed for RSS last week.

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Nick Sterling’s Ass On Stage

Anything featuring Nick Sterling’s ass is an occassion to blog. Though it’s been a long time since Nick Sterling has gotten fucked at Randy Blue (Abele Place fucked Nick Sterling last in Feb. 2013), his ass remains as captivating as ever as he spreads it on stage last Thursday alongside boyfriends Austin Wolf and Tyler Wolf at Cherry’s on the Bay at Fire Island.

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JD Phoenix’s Ass Rakes in the Dough

JD Phoenix seems to have life figured out, quite a feat for a 21 year old. In a tweet of epiphany, JD Phoenix tweeted the purpose of his ass: “Gogo-ing is my life. Porn is just for fun. Escorting pays for the clothes” and judging by his popularity from go-go dancing and from porn, his ass must be raking in the dough. JD Phoenix’s ass is front and centre in Body Painting with Andrew Stark at Str8 To Gay and it is flawless. JD Phoenix’s ass can be found on Rentboy if you got a few extra hundred to spare.

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Hot or Not: Johnny Ryder

I’ve been seeing a lot Johnny Ryder lately and I can’t quite decide if he’s hot or not. On one side, this 6’1″ guy packs 190 lbs of pure muscles that makes a presence plus he’s a bisexual who is very willing to get fucked (Andrew Justice fucked Johnny Ryder for Deep Inside Part 1, Paddy O’Brian fucked Johnny Ryder in Dripping Wet 4 and Charlie Harding fucked Johnny Ryder in Picture Perfect). Yet on the other hand Johnny Ryder is not handsome in the typical sense, something I can’t quite point out, tohugh he certainly has the rugged look going for him.

Do I want to dive in his ass? Yes!
Would I jack off to him? Yes!
Would I fork over $300 to spend an hour with him in Cleveland? Probably not…

What do you think?

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Angel Rock and Jimmy Johnson Share Duncan Rock’s Ass

Duncan Black ends up being the loser in the strip H.O.R.S.E. game of basketball to buddies Angel Rock and Jimmy Johnson at Drill Me Now. Angel Rock and Jimmy Johnson bring adorable Duncan Black to a locker room for the punishment which is getting spit-roasted by both. I can’t say that’s really a punishment and makes me wonder who really is the loser here.

And if you really like Angel Rock the way I do, he’s listed on Rentboy for hot times for mucho dinero.

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I Wanna See Alexander Gustavo’s Crown Tattoo

I am not a fan of tattoos but Alexander Gustavo‘s crown tattoo in place of his bush has definitely piqued my interest that I want to see it in person. As obnoxious as that tattoo may be (but the frenum piercing is hot), the guy is handsome and hot who is willing to share his butt and I am certain will get fucked some day as he states he’s versatile on his Rentboy profile.

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