South African Porn Star Ivor Duvenhage

There aren’t too many South African gay porn stars so newcomer Ivor Duvenhage is gotta be the hottest one (Jason Kingsley was very hot but his last film was in 2007). Thought Ivor has filmed only one scene so far for Lucas Enteratinment in Berlin last month and one in 2010 for South African studio Liberate, the man just loves the camera and in this age of twitter and selfies, there’s enough enough pictures out there of him to make a porn star.

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Fulbright Scholar Gabriel Shams Does Bareback Gay Porn

Some things I will never understand. How does such an intelligent man make such stupid decisions?

Gay Porn Blog interviewed ex-Randy Blue performer Gabriel Shams who is returning to gay porn after a six year break during which time he went and did a master’s degree in philosophy at University of Cambridge as a Fulbright scholar and wrote his dissertation on the Palestinian boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel.

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Obsession: Dalton Deckard

Dalton Deckard is my new obsession. The 22 year old sexy sweetheart tweets so many photos of his ass that one might think he’s a porn star but Dalton is actually a rentboy out of Miami. I’ve been twitter stalking @MrDaltonDeckard the cutie-patootie for the past few weeks and I have gotten lost many times in those amazing blue eyes and cute smile. Plus he’s got a very sexy tight body with bubble butt that an ass man like myself cannot stop starring at.

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Quentin Elias Dead At Age 34, possibly 39

French singer and model, Quentin Elias died yesterday of a heart attack.

Quentin Elias was the lead singer for French band Alliage in 1996-1999 then he relocated to New York City for a solo career. He began working with music producers and modelled for several fashion designers such as Armani and Jean Paul Gaultier. Originally from France, of Algerian origin, he was born officially in 1980 but others who reported he was born 1974 thus making him only 34 or 39.

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New Hot Bottom Cam Christou

When a guy can take Tim Kruger’s larger cock and Boomer Banks‘ 10 inch cock, you know he’s serious business. Newcomer Cam Christou is the man as he takes the plunge of Tim Kruger’s cock at Tim Tales in his first scene and ups the ante by riding Boomer Banks on the barber chair at Under My Skin last week. It seems to me that Cam has a bottomless hole. To top it off, I love Cam’s puppy eyes as Tim fucks him, looking like he wants more cock but is almost scared to ask for it.

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