Dionisio Heiderscheid is the Hottest 40 year old

Dionisio Heiderscheid celebrated his 40th birthday in May 2014 and he is definitely THE HOTTEST 40 year old or even THE HOTTEST MAN out there today!

His frequent social media updates show a man who got hotter with age. At 40, he has some wrinkles and grey on his roots that make him all the more sexier and D.O.’s body hasn’t changed since his first gay porn scene 7 years ago in 2007 – the rippling 8 pack abs and his smooth glutes are unbelievable!

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Jarec Wentworth’s Two Hot Brothers

If you think Jarec Wentworth is hot (who doesn’t?) then you’ll like his brothers who are equally attractive. Jarec is the eldest of three and his youngest brother Samuel, who resides in New York City attending college, bears a striking resemblance to himself. Fans have even called out for Samuel to join porn but Jarec, being a protective brother, advocates for Samuel to stay in college where he’s a freshman at Pace.

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Best Way to Describe Ruckus is ‘Pansexual’

You know there are guys who are inexplicably attractive even though they don’t have the typical attributes you use to justify ‘hot.’

Well, Ruckus, whom I have been keeping tabs on for the past 2 months, fits that profile for me.

Normally, I am not into tattoos but more than half of his 6’3″ body is inked. On his height, the guy is 6’3′ when I like them short and beefy. He’s not even muscular or roided but has a simple lean body. Then comes his sexuality – the man fucks anything, making him the perfect example of ‘pansexual,’ as he kisses and fucks guys with passion (normally dominant and rough), gets fucked by trannies and eats pussy when I prefer guys gay or bi. What is wrong with me or what is up with this man?

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South African Porn Star Ivor Duvenhage

There aren’t too many South African gay porn stars so newcomer Ivor Duvenhage is gotta be the hottest one (Jason Kingsley was very hot but his last film was in 2007). Thought Ivor has filmed only one scene so far for Lucas Enteratinment in Berlin last month and one in 2010 for South African studio Liberate, the man just loves the camera and in this age of twitter and selfies, there’s enough enough pictures out there of him to make a porn star.

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Fulbright Scholar Gabriel Shams Does Bareback Gay Porn

Some things I will never understand. How does such an intelligent man make such stupid decisions?

Gay Porn Blog interviewed ex-Randy Blue performer Gabriel Shams who is returning to gay porn after a six year break during which time he went and did a master’s degree in philosophy at University of Cambridge as a Fulbright scholar and wrote his dissertation on the Palestinian boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel.

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