Ryan Ford – Hot CockyBoys Exclusive

It’s been a while since I got excited about a CockyBoys because the current batch of them are just too twinky for my taste. However their newest exclusive model Ryan Ford is the kind of man I like with good dose of muscles and six pack in these pictures taken New York photographer RJ Sebastian. Besides handsome and built, Ryan Ford is an exhibitionist as he tweets numerous nudes of himself and that’s a great start for a porn star.

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Lance Luciano Plows Adorable Justin Owen

Justin Owen is just the most adorable thing to come out of Randy Blue and Lance Luciano could not get enough of it. The chemistry between Lance Luciano and Justin Owen could not be contained. as these two smooth athletic guys go at it and Justin Owen’s dick stands at full mast as he rides Lance. You have not lived until you have seen Justin Owen when he is writhing around with a dick inside of him.

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Lucas Ent. Tried to Censor Me for Blogging the Obvious

My experience over the past six years as a gay porn blogger is that gay websites and studios are still trying to control everything that is written about them and try to crack down on any comment that deviates from the image they try to portray even if the message is true. Last week, Lucas Entertainment tried to censor my post about Trenton Ducati’s HIV status, titled Trenton Ducati Comes Out as HIV+ & Goes Bareback for Lucas.

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Trenton Ducati Comes Out as HIV+ & Goes Bareback for Lucas

Trenton Ducati, formerly an advocate for condom porn, has switched sides and is now a Lucas Entertainment bareback exclusive for three months. As of the announcement yesterday, he’s already filmed a scene and the first scene of Trenton Ducati barebacking is a flip-fuck with Blue Bailey to be released 8th November 2013. Blue Daily started his gay porn career at Treasure Island and is openly HIV+ and so pretty safe to say (no pun) that Trenton Ducati is HIV+ himself because no sane person would take his own health risk for a gay porn scene.

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Shawn Wolfe Named Raging Stallion Man Of The Year

I don’t really understand the purpose of being name Man of the Year but the guys who have won it before including Landon Conrad and Tommy Defendi are all hotties to whom I have jacked off way too many times. Raging Stallion just announced Shawn Wolfe as the 2013 Man of The Year and judging by the scenes he has appeared in so far, he totally deserves it. Shawn Wolfe has the hairy greasy look for RSS and is the type of guy with whom you can have dirty sweaty sex all night.

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MEN.COM Brought Topher DiMaggio to Fuck Paddy O’Brian and Dean Monroe

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is almost here! First there was Top to Bottom 1 in which Paul Walker got fucked for the first time by Kayden Gray and now Men.com announced that Topher DiMaggio is taking taking Paddy O’Brian’s ass virginity in “Top to Bottom 2″. While Topher DiMaggio was in the UK, MEN.COM also brought him together with Dean Monroe for a suit & tie scene and there’s no need to guess who’s the top.

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Boomer Banks: The Hugest Dick in Porn

Size queens out there must be singing hallelujah when Falcon revealed their newest exclusive Boomer Banks whom they so proudly claim to having The Hugest Dick in Porn, a claim I wouldn’t bet a penny against. Steve Cruz filmed Boomer Banks last month for Timberwolves but the behind-the-scenes never captured the monstrosity of that latino sausage!

The newest Exclusive for the studio is a tattooed Latin stud, who has a thick, uncut, 10+ inch dick and puts it to amazing use as an energetic, top performer, delivering his massive member with passion. He’s also blessed with a tasty dark complexion; a handsome face (often sporting facial hair); a tight, firm ass and great set of pecs and abs.

Not that ‘exclusive’ means anything these days but I bet size queens out there are hoping Boomer Banks will at least pound out a few more scenes.

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I want a Man in Suit Like Dario Beck

I admit to my fantasies for a man in a suit and Dario Beck the exactly the way I want it. The Spaniard has certainly gotten hotter with age as he jacks off at Men At Play.

Dario Beck gives his dick some serious attention behind closed doors, massaging his beautiful dick while playing with his big fat balls, working it with long slow strokes until he reaches an amazing climax and shoots an amazing load all over himself. Check out the preview to see his tasty cumshot.

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Lucas Exclusive Adriano Carrasco fucks Fernando Torres

Lucas Entertainment has added Adriano Carrasco as a stunning new exclusive to its roster of international performers. Lucas first met Adriano when filming in Ibiza, this sexy latino has a beautiful GQ face, sculpted beautiful body and a massive dick which he shows off by fucking Fernando Torres in Power Play scene 1.

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