Lucas filmed Trenton Ducati and former Sean Cody Model Brice

Lucas Entertainment just filmed Trenton Ducati and former Sean Cody model Brice (now Brice Banyan) a.k.a. Connor Kline plus Adam Killian for their new porn series Kings of New York last week.

What’s interesting js that as much as Sean Cody gives the illusion that their guys are straight, Brice a.k.a. Connor Kline is gay and proudly publicizes his relationship with Casey Tanner. Brice a.k.a. Connor Kline has amazing rack of abs bisected by a treasure trail that shows in every photo he takes. However I don’t understand how this former Sean Cody model and now a Helix Studios ‘exclusive’ can be filming for Lucas if he’s an exclusive.

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Rod Daily and Adam Killian Filmed for Lucas

Rod Daily is filming again for other studios as soon as Next Door Studios handed him the pink slip as they close Rod Daily was in New York last week filming for Lucas Entertainment‘s new series Kings of New York, which itself was a flick from Lucas in 2010, partnered to Adam Killian for the scene.

Following are pictures of Rod Daily and Adam Killian hanging out over the weekend including getting a pedicure together.

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Adam Killian, Jake Genesis and Trenton Ducati Fuck For Live Audience in Grindhouse

It’s an epic threesome all in front of a live audience of over 100 extras at San Francisco’s legendary Nob Hill Theater as Adam Killian, Jake Genesis and Trenton Ducati fuck for scene 4 of Grindhouse available at NakedSword. Jake Genesis is definitely the headliner in this scene and shares his ass for the other two but Trenton Ducati also gets in on the action, getting DPed by his co-stars.

If you were lucky enough to be in San Francisco last week, Jake Genesis really performed live on November 2 & 3 at Nob Hill Theatre.

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Blond Russian Justin Cruise A Lucas Exclusive

There are so many new ‘exclusives’ these days but Lucas Entertainment‘s newest, Justin Cruise, has a boyish and sexy fresh-face that made me look twice. This Hungarian born star has flawless skin with rosey cheeks on top of a perfectly proportioned body, the kind I’d love to kiss, hold and also fuck.

Justin Cruise’s first scene is with veteran sex-pro Adam Killian in scene 5 of film PantyHos available at Lucas Raunch and will be followed by a scene in Dick Hungry later at Lucas Entertainment.

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Versatile Stud Jeremy Stevens

Newcomer Jeremy Stevens caught my attention in scene 5 of Business & Pleasure by Lucas Entertainment flip-fucking with Adam Killian. The San Diego based go-go boy is the kind of man perfect for mommy and for the sack as he’s handsome and versatile.

Jeremy Stevens has also appeared at NakedSword‘s Private Party and Jeremy Stevens fucked Spencer Fox titled Intimate Bliss at ManRoyale.

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Adam Killian, Trenton Ducati, Alex Marte Chain Fuck in AWAKE

Three studs in beautiful Mykonos make a hot scene. In scene 2 of AWAKE by Lucas Entertainment, Adam Killian, Trenton Ducati, and Alex Marte are in a threeway and each of them looks stunning and Trenton Ducati delivers a hot fuck as always. The chain fuck between the shows off their amazing butts, I am just disappointed there’s not more of Alex Marte‘s ass and that he still doesn’t get fucked.

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On The Set of Awake by Lucas

Lucas filmed its big-budget and much-anticipated blockbuster “AWAKE” entirely on location in Mykonos, Greece (which the porn stars tweeted here) and here are the behind-the-scenes photos by Lucas.

Awake follows the sexual adventure of lovers Jonathan Agassi and Jessy Ares and features performances by Alex Marte, Edji Da Silva, Mathew Mason, Trenton Ducati, Adam Killian, Mitchell Rock.

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Mathew Mason in Bad Behavior

Justin Monroe always has the most outlandish styling of porn stars and here’s Mathew Mason in fishnet stockings called ‘Bad Behavior.’ While most guys would be emasculated in the pink stockings, this Lucas exclusive looks still so fuckable in them as he does in Cock Riders scene 5 fucking with Adam Killian and Mathew Mason topping Bryce Star.

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