Mick Lovell and Phillipe Gaudin Adventure

Word on the gay streets is that Mick Lovell‘s exclusive with Bel Ami had expired in December and there’s no news whether he has renewed. But seeing Mick Lovell is relief (and release) as Bel Ami releases a series called Adventures with Mick Lovell, the first scene is Mick Lovell & Phillipe Gaudin jumping off the side of a mountain paragliding together for the first, followed by a 2 part suck and fuck scene with ropes of cum gushing out on each others’ faces.

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Mick Lovell and Kris Evans at Belami

I’ve been longing Mick Lovell since his last scene in the series in Summer With Mick Lovell (Mick, Kris, & Colin; Mick Lovell & Gaelen Binoche; Mick Lovell fucks Todd Rosset). I almost died when this 2 part scene between Mick Lovell and handsome Kris Evans in which they suck each other in the part 1 and Kris Evans fucks Mick Lovell in part 2.

There are so many shots of the scene Mick Lovell it’s practically spam but I don’t care when it comes to Mick.

Mick Lovell, when are you gonna start shooting porn?

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Trevor Yates in a Scandal In the Vatican

Bel Ami‘s Scandal In The Vatican is now available with veteran as priest Trevor Yates meeting with Kinky Angels Kevin Warhol, Jack Harrer, Andre Boleyn, Adam Archuleta, Jaco Van Sant, newcomer Sean Davis at the Vatican for a sex adventure. Trevor Yates is known for his gigantic cock and the seminary students learn how to take it all the way, loads bursting in every direction.

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Vadim Farrell Dips His Huge Cock Inside Dario Dolce

I first saw Vadim Farrell when he fucked my very-possible-future boyfriend Mick Lovell bareback and back then I already he was hung but that monster looked like it just grew in the past month as he rams it inside Dario Dolce at Bel Ami. I just couldn’t take my eyes off that shaft and I love watching these two kiss and suck like boyfriends.

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Mick Lovell fucks Todd Rosset in Summer of Love

Mick Lovell is mesmerising! The tall the blond fucks Todd Rosset in second scene of Summer of Love with Mick Lovell from Bel Ami and the guy is built like the statue of David and I love the passion demonstrated in the kissing and diving into Rosset’s ass. If you missed it, Mick Lovell rides Vadim Farrell bareback in the first scene.

Then Bel Ami also has a 3-Way featuring Ariel Vanean & Alex Orioli tag teaming Phillipe Gaudin.

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