Jimmy Clay fucks Billy Heights

Billy “The Stimulation” Heights takes on and gets a hot piece of Jimmy “Nookie” Clay that puts summer of 2011 at Jersey Shore into a totally different situation which gets the guidos dicks hard and the roommates talking. In Jet Set Men‘s Jersey Shore 2, there’s plenty of suck as the two worship each other’s bones and I love the plenty of assplay shots as Jimmy spreads open Billy Heights’s bubble butt. Sweat begins to pour all over their ripped bodies as Jimmy goes balls deep in that tight hole. Billy collapses on his back and lets Jimmy pummel his perfect ass over and over. The building up of a mother load is evident as you watch the sweat drip down Jimmy’s face and land on Billy’s sculpted abs. Jimmy then rockets out a load that completely drenches Billy which sets Billy off to fire a load of his own that cascades all over both of them.

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Tyler Hunt and Tyler Ford fuck for Billy Heights in Jersey Score 2

A new scene featuring new exclusive Billy Heights as he watches Tyler Hunt and Tyler Ford fuck in Jet Set Men‘s Score 2, sequel to its popular gay porn parody Jersey Score. Billy Heights plays “The Stimulation” who challenges Tyler Hunt and Tyler Ford to fuck as he jacks off. Many porn fans have complained that Bily Heights doesn’t get hard in his scenes but pictures from here show Billy’s dick arches downward even when erect and not necessarily an indicator of his interest in the scene.

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Angel Rock fucks Billy Heights

I got a huge crush for Billy Heights, something about a big guy standing 6’2″ willing to get fucked by a smaller dude, it’s like the revenge of the nerds. Billy Heights takes note of this one hot passenger Angel Rock getting ready to enter the screening viewing area. Once Rock enters the scanning area what appears on the screen is pure perfection a hard muscled body with a fat, thick 9 inch cock which makes Billy Heights ass go into a cock craving meltdown.

This is Billy Heights‘ second scene released by Jet Set Men and like the first one, Billy had to cover his cock with his hand since he couldn’t get it hard. I know many fans complain about this but it really doesn’t bother me much since I am focused on his ass most of the time.

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Billy Heights’ First Scene

I’ve blogged about new Jet Set exclusive Billy Heights obsessively over the past month and his first scene is finally available of Jet Set Jocks in which the stud shows his hot ass and bottoming skills.

TSA Agent Billy Heights shows his hot rock hard muscled body, big fat dick and those lips that were made for a perfect cock to enter. He stops college boy Chaz Riley for a full body screening but Chaz Riley knows that to get out of trouble it always helps to play with a man’s eager fuck hole. It doesn’t take long before Riley’s fingers find their way to Billy’s tight hole and within seconds Billy’s legs are up to the sky and Riley is plowing him knowing that he’s only got minutes to make his flight.

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Billy Heights Downward Cock

Billy Heights
I’ve read numerous rants that Jet Set Men‘s new exclusive Billy Heights can’t get hard as his dick appears soft and points downward in every photo, which would be quite a disappointment for a gay porn star. But when I came across the above photo, it dawned on me that Billy Heights is one of those guys with a downward pointing erection because it’s obvious the guy is hard but he still points southward. Yes, downward pointing hard-ons are rare but they happen even on the hottest guys. I’m not defending the guy, who looks very gay-for-pay, it’s clear that he’s got a chubby down there. Plus does it really matter since Jet Set revealed that he’s versatile, guys like myself are just really looking forward to the close-ups of this 23 year old’s grade-A ass when it gets pummeled.

More of this beauty after the click.

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New Jet Set Men exclusive Billy Heights

I’ve been after the guys at Jet Set Men for more of Billy Heights as soon as I saw that the guy had filmed a gay porn scene with Angel Rock last week.

The guy is perfection with his brick house built body on a 6′ 205 lbs frame, fat cock, and a bad boy face and Jet Set Men as finally released some teasers of the 23 year old new exclusive. A New York City boy, Billy Heights is into auto sports and contact sports (which makes him a great suit for porn), and Jet Set states that he has never shot for any adult studios before.

I can’t wait for Billy Heights first scene, expected to be released in spring 2011, in the TSA film alongside Chaz Riley and will make his first public appearance in Mickeys West Hollywood on March 17, 2011.

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