BTS: Whole Falcon Team Brent Corrigan, Sean Zevran, Boomer Banks, Johnny V is in Las Vegas

Practically all Falcon exclusives are currently in Las Vegas now filming new scenes directed by Nick Foxx for its Monster Bang line.

My favs include Johnny V with his ripped abs and glowing smile and Sean Zevran taking selfies during his break. I have no clue the pairings but I already know I want to watch any scene containing Johnny V, Sean Zevran, David Benjamin, and hot bottom Brian Bonds.

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Where In The World is Seven Dixon

Muscle bottom Seven Dixon has not been seen since April. He hasn’t tweeted since and in fact, his twitter has been hijacked preaching horoscope. Where in the world is he?

Inked muscle god Seven Dixon’s ass was a gift from god since his debut in August 2013 filming Open Road but it seems his career in gay porn was short lived.

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Boomer Banks, Brandon Jones, Aleks Buldocek Find New Boyfriends

After break up with Angel Rock back in February and maintaining a platonic relationship with ‘sister’ Seven Dixon, Boomer Banks introduced new boyfriend and new gay porn actor Rocco Steele @RoccoSteeleXXX this week. Boomer Banks is known for his massive cock and it seems like has met his match as Rocco Steele is equally endowed from several photos. New to gay porn, Rocco Steele has so far filmed with Adam Russo at Ray Dragon and David Lambert in Go Go Hoes for Raw Fuck Club.

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Rey Luis Gets Boomer Banks’ Cock in Roommates Wanted

The likes of Facebook and Twitter going public recent years has given birth to thousands of millionaires with lots of money at hand driving up San Francisco real estate to stratospheric levels. It has become one of cities where finding a job or a boyfriend is way easier than finding a room to live, that is unless you have a cute ass willing to put up with Boomer Banks‘ massive tool.

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