DILF Casey Williams and Samuel Colt

I can’t resist calling Samuel Colt and Casey Williams daddies with their greying hair and receding hairline but they are very hot daddies. These two hunks are in top form as they flip-fuck in scene 1 of On Tap at Titan. These two are all over each other including Casey getting rimmed and fucked from behind, pushing down his boner to show it off. Samuel Colt gets on his back, Casey plowing him as an aerial shot looks down on their two buff bods before they shoot—Casey’s load hitting Samuel’s cock.

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When Was Casey Williams Hotter

Gay porn veteran Casey Williams tweeted a photo of himself from the 1990s on his flashback Thursday and it made me realise that this guy still has his looks going for him. 15 years have transpired between the above photos and Casey Williams still has ‘IT’ not to mention that rack of abs.

I can’t decide when he’s hotter – between the Cali blond look of the 1990s and today’s scruffy Casey but I’ll take him any way he comes. More of Casey Williams after the click.

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Samuel Colt Becomes a Titan Man

Samuel Colt was back at porn filming for Titan last week after a 6 month hiatus and Titan announced they’ve made the 38 year old hairy hunk an exclusive. Samuel Colt and Casey Williams were in San Francisco filming last week and Titan director Jasun Mark confirms the rumours that the former Mustang exclusive has switched sides, starring in a yet-to-be-named film.

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Marc Dylan Cums Like a Geyser

Marc Dylan is the model for porn professionalism, the guy works out hard for his perfect body, has an amazing ass we can’t get enough of, and add that he’s got the perfect cum when the situation calls for it. Marc Dylan cums like a geyser in scene 6 of Uniform Men by COLT. Full copious loads of cum like that requires refraining from cumming for several days prior to the scene plus (I hear) some vitamins or supplements, all of which I am certain Marc Dylan followed diligently.

Here’s Nate Karlton fucking Marc Dylan in scene 6 of Uniform Men.

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Casey Williams Tops Marc Dylan in Manpower

This is a real toss-up on who’s hotter but the pairing is perfect. Casey Williams a mature blond who fucks every ass as if it was his boyfriend or Marc Dylan with his inviting ass. Casey Williams and Marc Dylan lose themselves in the pleasure of each other’s thick juicy in the second scene of Manpower by COLT. I love that Marc lays back and opens his legs wide to expose his hot man-hole for Casey to probe with his tongue, begging “C’mon! Get it wet” “Put your tongue in there” onto his muscled ass.

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