Black Perfection Sean Xavier and Tyrese Hunter

Two specimens of black perfection here. Sean Xavier, the newest Lucas Entertainment exclusive, and Tyrese Hunter, returning to Randy Blue after a two year break. Besides the rippling abs and generous endowment, these two can fuck.

Watch the interview with Sean Xavier below and his scene for Lucas where Alexander Garrett Sucks and Flip-Fucks with Sean Xavier in Top Service.

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Derek Atlas fucks Cayden Ross at Randy Blue

Everybody has been looking forward to Derek Atlas getting on with another guy since Derek’s solo debut at Randy Blue 2 months ago. Randy Blue heard the calls and paired hunky Derek Atlas with Cayden Ross for a hot workout scene here and it turns out Derek is as good at sucking cock as he is at fucking. I also love Cayden Ross’s body and wimpers as he takes Derek all the way down to the base.

Chaos Men also released a scene of Derek Atlas getting serviced by Patrick Rouge where Derek does get hard.

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Randy Blue Powerhouses Chris Rockway and Cayden Ross

Two amazing guys in one scene! When you got a body like Cayden Ross does, you’ll gather any attention including that of Chris Rockway. I am glad that Chris Rockway has finally perfected cocksucking as he hungrily goes down on Cayden’s ass and in a rare move, he let’s Cayden rim his ass. I love that chemistry between the two as Chris Rockway takes car on Cayden’s beautiful ass.

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Cayden Ross Stuffed in Both Ends

Everybody is a fan when Cayden Ross gets fucked and he’s stuffed at both ends in this threeway between Cayden Ross, Sean Everett and Danny Harper. Hot redhead Danny Harper and Sean Everett take on tattood Cayden on both ends. Cayden wraps his thick full lips around Sean’s cock while Danny pounded his hungry hole, Cayden was in pure ecstasy. Finally, having their own muscular boy toy at their disposal brought Danny and Sean to a hot sweaty climax as they shot their warm sticky loads all over Cayden’s handsome face, causing him to let loose a gusher of cum all over that beer can sized dick of his.

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Brent Diggs fucks Cayden Ross at Randy Blue

Everybody is a fan of Cayden Ross getting fucked because behind the macho demeanour and perfect body is a man who knows how to take cocke and who also enjoys it riding up his two melons of a butt. And to make this scene even more lustful, Randy Blue threw Brent Diggs in to tap Cayden’s ass. Brent, who returned to porn several months ago and only nineteen when he first flashed those steel blue eyes and amazing college muscle jock body has grown into a man as he dominates Cayden Ross.

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Jeremy Walker fucks Cayden Ross in the Steam Room

I’ve been waiting for Jeremy Walker‘s return to Randy Blue and he looks just as amazing as his last scene more than one year ago. Better yet, he’s paired with equally hot Cayden Ross who doesn’t hesitate to suck and rim Jeremy.

Jeremy Walker is taking a nice hot steamy shower, sudsing up his big hard muscle, when hairy muscular jock Cayden Ross comes along to join in the action. Cayden loves straight dick and getting a chance to wrap his lips around Jeremy’s was hot enough. But it wasn’t long before he was chowing down on that hot bubble butt of his as well. Things got hotter than ever as Jeremy rammed his red hot fuckstick deep into Cayden’s gut making him moan like it was his first time getting fucked ’til they both collapsed in a puddle of sweat and cum.

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Cayden Ross and Travis James in the Shower at Randy Blue

Cayden Ross looks amazing and kisses Travis James like long lost lovers in the newest scene here. The two take a shower together in this scene and Cayden Ross is in such good shape that he couldn’t wait to wrap his lips around Travis’ rock hard cock. Cayden Ross got really into rimming Travis’ hot ass and then Travis just had to return the favor. And even though Travis loves rimming a nice bubble butt, he was really just getting it ready to slam his throbbing hard cock deep inside. Travis and Cayden fuck like wild horndogs right on the floor of the shower.

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Riley Price and Cayden Ross in MVP

Riley Price and Cayden Ross Riley Price and Cayden Ross
I am so very found of Cayden Ross, a hunk who gives as well as he gets, stars in the fourth scene of Randy Blue movie Dirty Secrets – titled MVP. Cayden Ross plays closeted football player Lincoln, the Most Valuable Player of the Dodge City Satyrs, who gets pegged by fellow teammate Will, Riley Price. With his dirty secret revealed he takes the opportunity to find out exactly how good his teammate’s mouth feels when wrapped against his monster cock.

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