2015 IML Grabbys Parties

It’s Grabby IML weekend in Chicago and every gay brand hosted their own party starting with Chi Chi LaRUe’s SkinTrade on Thursday which brought in tonnes of porn stars. Alexander Gustavo and David Benjamin danced for the crowd.

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BTS: More of Intensity and Chi Chi Filmed Jason Phoenix and Johnny Hazzard

Probably because spring is in the air, there’s a lot of gay porn filming this week at Falcon which continues with Intensity #intensityxxx and pairings as follows:

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Angel Rock, Boomer Banks, Tony Orion’s Thanksgiving

While many spent Thanksgiving with family, so did your favourite porn stars!

Howard Andrew of FabScout hosted a feast in Fort Lauderdale yesterday inviting Angel Rock, Duncan Black, Boomer Banks from New York, Ryan Rose and Chi Chi from L.A., all making one big family. I don’t think I’d be able to eat if I sat at the table cuz I’d be gawking at these studs.

My newest favourite boyfriends Aleks Buldocek and Tony Orion spent the night cuddling (above right photo) as they always do, after their meal whilst Colby Jansen showed off his body right after his feast (shortly after my blog of his bigger body) and Christopher Daniels spent a quiet day at home with his pup.

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Trenton Ducati Has New BF and Filmed with Billy Santoro for Chi Chi

As much controversy there is surrounding Trenton Ducati‘s decision to go bareback, he’s a hottie and energetic performer and he has bagged a new boyfriend called David (David’s twitter) who is quite cute. The new lovebirds have been tweeting their love for the past two months from partying at Folsom to their Facetime chats. If the past is any indication, Trenton Ducati is not shy about sharing his real life as he did with Tate Ryder.

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Trenton Ducati, Paddy O’Brian and Justin King at Hot Rods Awards

A bevy of porn stars are in London for the weekend for Hot Rods Awards, the British equivalent of America’s Grabby’s, including Americans Trenton Ducati, Chi Chi LaRue and Landon Conrad. Also British performers Paddy O’Brian and best mate Paul Walker showed up for the awards whilst cute Justin King even won the award for Best Bottom. Given that it’s Hustlaball in London as well, expect more pics of sex from these porn stars.

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Chi Chi Filmed Jimmy Durano and Dean Monroe

Jimmy Durano and Dean MonroeDean MonroeJimmy Durano and Dean Monroe, a Greek import living in London, were on set with Channel 1 directrix Chi Chi LaRue this past week in L.A. for what I suspect is a threeway scene between Jimmy Murano, Dean Monroe and Roman Heart.

These behind the scenes photos show that Dean Monroe’s efforts at the gym are visible and whilst Roman Heart is in great form, he’s way too ‘plucked’ that he’s just pretty like a girl. Like his boyfriend Benjamin Bradley, the two spend way too much time on make-up, perfecting every strand of their hair, lip gloss etc. that I’d classify them as pretty more than sexy. For me, pretty is for pageants, you gotta be hunky & sexy to sell porn. I hypothesize that Roman Heart has finished his multi-year long exclusive contract with Falcon in order to be able to shoot with Channel 1.

Jimmy Durano’s Twitter revealed a few pictures of his haircut one day after the shoot featuring a fullhawk.

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Porn Stars at College

College campuses are loaded with 18 to 22 year olds thirsty for anything about sex, I remember I was one, and pornstars these days are reaching out to quench those hormones with talks on the gay porn trade on campus and even parties. Previously, there was Michael Lucas at Yale, Chi Chi at Cornell and recently Randy Blue dreamboats Reese Rideout & Nicco Sky were at USC talking gay-for-pay whilst Chi Chi partied it up at again at Cornell.

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