Gay Porn Star Love That Lasted

Finding love is hard in of itself, just look at the proliferation of online dating. Add in the fact that we gay men are a fickle bunch plus being a gay porn star makes finding true love that lasts a statistical anomaly. I’ve blogged a lot of problematic relationships recently but here are seven that lasted more than a year.

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Derek Atlas and Chris Porter at Randy Blue

Lucky Chris Porter, the guy not only gets to move to Greece and bed with body builder porn star Samuel Colt, he gets to fuck with Derek Atlas here for Randy Blue. Chris Porter and Derek Atlas don’t waste any time getting into each other and judging by Derek Atlas’ passion for cock and Chris Porter’s two perfect globes, the musclehunk is really bisexual. Derek shows some aggression here when uses every inch of his jock muscle to pound Chris’ hungry hole then pull on Chris’ hair, holding his arms behind him and totally using him ’til they orgasm.

Besides a pretty face, Derek Atlas is sexy in other ways – a bisesual man with ambitions. Read about it in Trophy Blog’s interview with Derek Atlas last month.

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Samuel Colt and Chris Porter Moving to Greece

Boyfriends Samuel Colt and Chris Porter bid their farewell to San Francisco over the weekend as the two are moving to financially-plagued Greece next week. Though they’ll six thousand miles away in a foreign land, don’t expect them to fade from the limelight as they will be travelling a lot back to USA. Samuel Colt revealed his schedule for the year that includes returning to America in May for IML, Folsom in September and Thankgiving. With such frequent returns, I wouldn’t even notice that they have moved.

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Chris Porter Moving On

Every porn fan was surprised to find Chris Porter filming for Randy Blue as Jeremy Lucido released these behind-the-scene pictures yesterday. The former twink is far from the clean cut muscle hunks Randy Blue features and Chris was supposed to be a Raging Stallion exclusive so why was he at the blue studio? Well, Chris Porter is moving on for work and for himself. In response these questions, Chris Porter tweeted that his exclusive contract with RSS terminated in July thus he’s free to shoot for others.

Going thru Chris Porter’s twitter, he announced that him and boyfriend Samuel Colt are moving to Greece in February and they are learning the language. Recall the two vacationed in there in June.

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Porn Stars in London for Hustlaball

Several American porn stars were in London over the weekend for gay party and performed at Hustlaball London. While they were there, Kyle King modeled for my favourite site Men At Play in a suit and tie which took some adjusting because Kyle King has never carried this look. Boyfriends Samuel Colt and Chris Porter posed for photographers over the weekend including photoshoots for Philip Riches and for Invincible Rubber with Ricky Sinz and Bruno Knight.

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IML 2011

Chicago was packed with gay porn stars this weekend as it hosted the Grabby’s & IML. My favourite porn stars attended IML and the Leathermart including couples Samuel Colt and Chris Porter, Spencer Reed and Phillip Aubrey, and Bobby Clark.

For the best pictures, check out the twitters of porn stars such as Steven Daigle’s yfrog, Gio Caruso lockerz and the sword lockerz.

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Lots of Studs in Raging Stallion’s Stud Fuckers

Raging Stallion‘s Stud Fuckers features an all studded cast in four scenes of fuckers pounding the studs. Hot pornstars like Colby Keller, D.O., Tommy Defendi and Christian Wilde fuck muscular Chris Porter, Felix Barca, Leo Forte, & Angelo Marconi in a no frills, raw grunting flick. Everyone of the stars is perfection including Tommy Defendi’s hairy hung cock on Angelo Marconi‘s flawless ass, D.O.’s perfect body and the piggy passionate grunts from Chris Porter as Colby plows him.

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