Chris Rockway and Derek Atlas

What I like about Derek Atlas is his versatility and that he simply loves sex. Derek Atlas the stripper charms the pants off of bartender Chris Rockway here at Randy Blue and there was no way he could resist. Derek has been developing quite a taste for cock lately himself and before long was going down on Chris as well, the chemistry was so amazing that Rockway was pounding Derek’s muscular butt in no time, sending him to orbit.

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Randy Blue Powerhouses Chris Rockway and Cayden Ross

Two amazing guys in one scene! When you got a body like Cayden Ross does, you’ll gather any attention including that of Chris Rockway. I am glad that Chris Rockway has finally perfected cocksucking as he hungrily goes down on Cayden’s ass and in a rare move, he let’s Cayden rim his ass. I love that chemistry between the two as Chris Rockway takes car on Cayden’s beautiful ass.

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Chris Rockway fucks Johnny Hazzard at Randy Blue

Chris Rockway hasn’t appeared at Randy Blue in a while and his first fuck at this return is legendary Johnny Hazzard with some hot passionate kissing and fucking. Though Chris Rockway is straight, I love that he’s getting more comfortable with men as you watch him suck and fuck.

Johnny engulfs Chris Rockway‘ meaty cock before his pants are still wrapped around his ankles. Chris blows Johnny’s mind with a blowjob that could curl his toes. And when Rockway rammed his dick deep in Johnny’s hungry hole his rock hard cock was bouncing up and down on Chris’ six pack abs. Then he flipped Johnny over and rammed him doggy style before shooting his load all over his ass.

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Chris Rockway Cums 6 Times an Hour

Besides being hot, a porn star needs to deliver the cumshot and a recent escort review of Randy Blue hunk Chris Rockway proves he does that very well! In the first review of Chris Rockway as an escort, the john attests that Rockway claimed he could cum 5-6 times an hour and he delivered as promised. I gotta give credit to the guy, to be able to cum so much fucking with a man given that he’s gay-for-pay, and this makes me realise why he’s a porn star and I’m not.

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Eric Pryor Doesn’t Enjoy Getting Fucked

Randy Blue newbie Eric Pryor is just not into it when it comes to getting fucked. In some recent scenes, Eric Pryor has trouble staying hard when getting fucked by Chris Rockway, Reese Rideout and Nicco Sky which is hard to believe because they are gorgeous. To top it off, Eric Pryor realises the problem and tries to cover his soft dick (above left photo) in the latest scene when riding Nicco Sky’s cock.

See the issue for yourself in the several scenes posted.

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Chris Rockway fucks Riley Price at Randy Blue

I only started noticing Randy Blue boy Riley Price last month at the Cybersocket Awards smooching Cayden Ross even though he shot his first Randy scene two years ago. That hot redhead is one horny fucker as he slobbers over Chris Rockway’s face and moans for Chris’ cock in his latest scene. It seemed that Chris Rockway even had a hard time keeping up with the ravenous Riley.

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