Hot Fucks: Markie More, Gaberiel Clark threeway, Colby Keller on Toby Dutch, Cody Cummings Returns

Here’s a few hot fucks recently including Maskurbate‘s solo scene of Markie More filmed in Montréal Stock Bar last month and Markie got a blowjob from the site owner. BTW , isn’t the point of Maskurbate to jack off and fuck with a mask on?

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Colby Keller Fucks Paul Wagner Before Hitting The Road to Fuck You

Colby Keller announced his tour of the Americas last week and has launched a $35,000 fundraising campaign on the IndieGoGo for Big Shoe Adventure #1: Colby Does American (And Canada Too!) to fuck his way across the continent this year. You may just be the lucky one and to get a taste of Colby’s dick and ass if he swings by your place.

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Hot Fucks: Leo Domenico Fucked Dillon Rossi in 6 Degrees of Separation

It’s a small world after all and it’s even truer for gay porn world.

It’s not untrue to say ‘every body has fucked every body’ and I prove it here. Though Leo Domenico has never actually met CockyBoys Dillon Rossi, they practically fucked through their scenes within the past few months, they just don’t know it. Here is how Leo and Dillon are linked by six degrees of separation.

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Joseph Rough Pays a Price for Being Colby Keller’s Roommate

When something is too good to be true, it usually is. In Joseph Rough‘s case, $100 to rent a room in San Francisco is just too good to turn down and he pays the price for it. To get the room , Joseph Rough has to service Colby Keller’s big dick and hard fucks in the last scene of NakedSword series, Roommates.

However, knowing that Joseph Rough is a pretty kinky guy in real life with a preference for daddies and big dick, I’d say Joseph Rough got lucky in this encounter whether or not he gets the room.

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Legends Colby Keller and Jarec Wentworth Fuck at Randy Blue

Randy Blue turned the world upside down when he recruited Jarek from Sean Cody and proceeded to pair him with Colby Keller last month. Colby Keller hadn’t shot for Randy Blue for 2 years but Jarec Wentworth is a good reason to come out of the woodwork. Colby Keller specifically requested a taste of Jarec Wentworth, who slobbers over Colby’s cock and bent him over for a hot fuck. These two are legends of gay porn and their chemistry was electric. I usually prefer guys who are versatile but Jarec makes an excellent top here so put your plans on hold this weekend until you’ve enjoyed these two first.

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