Liam Magnuson Fucks Hairy Brayden Forrester in Muscle Ridge

This is one long-awaited scene, I blogged about the filming back in June, Liam Magnuson gets to fuck hairy bottom Brayden Forrester in Muscle Ridge scene 6 at COLT.

Lying contently in Liam’s muscle toned arms, Brayden’s jock-strapped ass is an inviting plaything for Liam’s wandering hands. Heavy petting and hungry kissing quickly erupts into an all-out suck and fuck frenzy. Using the couch to its full advantage, Liam fucks Brayden’s tight butt deep and hard and in a variety of ass splitting positions.

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Muscled Ginger Seth Fornea Is a Rare Breed

With all the talk about redheads becoming extinct, a muscle redhead is a statistical rarity so you better enjoy them while they are still available. Southern hunk Seth Fornea, who graces the cover of COLT Men scene 1, is a rare breed whom you should find hot regardless if you are into redheads. The man has a handsome face, perfect body, and a creamy white bubble butt perfect in a jockstrap that even any straight man would be tempted. With his hard muscles on display, his ample bulge and smoking hot ass, you’ll immediately see how this all-natural and muscular stud caught the attention of COLT.

Even more beautiful about Seth Fornea is that he’s gay with a boyfriend and has a blog (few blog anymore in 2013) so stalk him on Seth Fornea blog and Seth Fornea Facebook.

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Liam Magnuson’s Solo at Timberline

My heart beats a little faster every time I see Liam Magnuson even if it’s only a solo. Liam Magnuson jacks off at Timberline for COLT and the man is hot with that adorable smile and rocking body, I can just orgasm all day looking at Liam Magnuson. I can even overlook his rigid performance in front of the camera as he’s just stunning. Kristofer Weston filmed this scene last month here and the behind-the-scene shots show that Liam Magnuson will fuck Brayden Forrester as well.

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Trenton Ducati at COLT and Christian Power fucks Ben Rose

Here’s what’s happening.

Trenton Ducati was busy filming again today for COLT director Kristofer Weston; massive man Christian Power hung out with Marko Lebeau’s dog Riley on the set after he fucks Ben Rose; and Connor Kline was filming his umpteenth scene of the weekend with Laura D who complimented him on her blog: “Adorable kid. Super cute, amazing abs and body.”

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Adam Champ and Jake Genesis in ARMOUR

Hairy Adam Champ fucks ripped Jake Genesis in scene 3 of ARMOUR at COLT. This is an incredible pairing as it’s passionate and aggressive and heavenly for anyone into fur with Adam Champ‘s pelt wrapped in his harness. Jake Genesis worships the Argentine cock as he swallows it and grabs Adam by his harness begging for every millimeter inside him.

It seems that Adam Champ is back in gay porn in full force as he had been absent for a few years and you can see more of this Argentine at COLT Live from last week.

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Wilfried Knight Tops Dolan Wolfe in His Last Scene

If you like flossing your teeth, then here’s is a great chance as hairy hunks fuck in scene 1 of Armour starring French porn veteran Wilfried Knight, whoannounced his retirement in September and this is suppose to be his last film, and Dolan Wolf. COLT filmed Armour in October and the is finally out. A film about hairy studs having sex in leather, Wilfried Knight gets to dominate burly stud Dolan Wolf and give his bottom plenty of orders so that the action is just as he likes it.

It’s bondage plus a lot of hair. And if bondage is your thing, Dolan Wolf gets tied up by Jessy Ares in Bound Jocks.

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