D.O. and Vito Gallo Make Love in Lovers Paradise

How can anybody not be turned on by big beautiful men making love, not just having sex, bare naked in the water of Costa Rica. It’s flip-fuck between D.O. and Vito Gallo in scene 5 of Lovers Paradise and I am in love with the two. D.O. slides his dick inside of Vito, and while it’s a lot to take, Vito gets his stride and is able to enjoy his lover’s thrusts. After D.O.’s had his fun, it’s his turn to take some dick and D.O. has become a spectacular bottom as he takes all of Gallo up his smooth ass.

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D.O., Tiziano & Diego Lauzen’s One Big Fuck

Lucas Entertainment exclusive Dionisio Heiderscheid D.O., Tiziano Fuentes & Diego Lauzen unleash the jungle heat in the 1st scene of Original Sinners filmed in the jungles of Costa Rica and it’s definitely worth watching. D.O. and Diego Lauzen are perfect specimens of male beauty and add in the rough Tiziano, the three latinos get into a hot sweaty fuck leaving no holes untouched.

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D.O.’s Ass is God’s Gift to Gays

D.O. Dionisio Heiderscheid‘s ass is a god’s gift to us gays, the man himself is perfection and his ass is so beautiful it’ll make any straight man gay. It’s smooth, round as a melon and hungry for dick when faced with one that I’d be willing to petition for creating a gallery dedicated to these Argentine buns.

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I Love Seeing D.O. Pillaged by Jonathan Agassi

D.O. and Jonathan Agassi get into some rough, rugged kissing in some sweaty jockstraps for scene 5 of British Pounds. Their hard dicks and insatiable ass are each suck and fucked and D.O. is and amazing bottom, I love seeing him be the aggressive bottom as lowers himself onto Jonathan’s erection and takes a ride or a fucking neither one will forget.

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Paddy O’Brian Wrapped His Week in Costa Rica

Lucas Entertainment finished their two week long filming in Costa Rica yesterday (also view the first and second blog post on the filming) and here are some photos from the set by British star Paddy O’Brian showing the amazing vistas of Costa Rica and self-shots of British hunk.

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D.O. and Jesse Santana in The Woods 2

Dionisio Heiderscheid D.O. is an adonis and defies the laws of ageing as the Argentine hunk gets hotter with age. His recent willingness to get fucked definitely brought him back to the spotlight but D.O. still takes my breath as he does in the latest scene fucking Jesse Santana in The Woods 2 by Raging Stallion. Like a greek god carved out of marble, D.O. is physically flawless down to his dick that curves upwards cuz it’s so hard and my jaws dropped watching it squeeze into Jesse Santana‘s ass.

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Isaac Jones Fucked D.O. in British Pounds

Dionisio Heiderscheid D.O. is turning out to be a lot hotter bottom than when he was a top. Since Lucas Entertainment recruited him, D.O. has gotten fucked by Hot Rod, Trenton Ducati and Edji Da Silva and he’s developed his bottoming style by backing onto the top that may have become his signature.

D.O. again backs onto Isaac Jones in scene 2 of British Pounds by Lucas in this sweaty flip-fuck scene that shows his ass and fucking skills.

There are also new photos of Isaac Jones taken by GD Photo Arts showing his shredded body.

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D.O. flip-fucks with Edji Da Silva at Lucas

Lucas Entertainment has really made use of D.O.‘s asshole ever since they hired him, this is the third time the former top has gotten fucked, the first had Hot Rod breaking him in then Trenton Ducati fucked him weeks ago and now D.O. and Edji Da Silva take turns fucking each other. The two are dressed to the nines for this fuck and there are many close shots of D.O.’s flawless pucker before Edji Da Silva fucks it.

There’s more of Edji Da Silva at Lucas as Edji Da Silva and Taylor Scott get raunchy with a water sports scene in scene 1 of The Wetter The Better at LucasRaunch.

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