Leo Domenico Fucked Genesis and Retires

Leo Domenico announced on GayDemon he’s quitting gay porn after having fulfilled his fantasy. In the short year he was in gay porn, the 24 year old Cypriot has travelled the world and met some hot men so he decided to end it with a high note, acknowledging one can’t gay gay porn forever, and he laments he didn’t save a penny from gay porn.

But this tall dark hair stud manages to fuck Genesis in scene 3 of Behind The Big Top which I’ve been eagerly waiting as Genesis is involved and he fucked Dean Monroe at Cocksure Men before leaving.

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I Want to go Behind The Big Top

Behind the Big Top gives you a sexy, gritty look at s behind the unbridled sex at the traveling circus. Ferocious sucking and rimming take no back seat to the animalistic fucking in this greatest sex show on earth and who can miss caveman James Jamesson fighting with Dale Cooper to suck his own dick; Logan Vaughn‘s bubble butt getting plowed by Rogan Richards; and Jimmy Fanz and Genesis getting fucked.

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Genesis Fucked by Seth Knight at Southern Strokes

After a two month break and possibly spending too much time with new boyfriend Jaxon Hammer, Genesis is back at Southern Strokes bigger and hotter getting pounded by Seth Knight. In fact, it’s a flip-fuck scene between the two and Seth immediately took control of Genesis and of the shoot, riding dick and giving it to Genesis. Cum flew everywhere by the time they orgasmed.

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Genesis Luna Presents New Boyfriend Jaxon Hammer

There’s a lot happening this week with Genesis Luna. First he’s got a new boyfriend that he tweeted yesterday “So its official, genesis has a bf now ;) say hi to Jackson hammer :D” and the announcement coincides with his 22nd birthday today. A few days ago, Genesis also got a haircut that rid of his shiny long hair for a buzzcut yet looking still very fuckable.

I never really expected the news of a boyfriend because Genesis Luna claims to be bisexual and I thought it was just a marketing gimmick for a straight guy getting into gay porn. This ‘slutty bad boy’ porn star’s new boy is a twink going by the porn name of Jaxon Hammer (tough Genesis tweeted him as Jackson Hammer) and Jaxon has set up a twitter account @Jaxonhammerxxx already so expect lots of NSFW pics to come.

Click through for more of the couple and Genesis’ new outfits with new haircut.

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Genesis Luna is Decimated in Hard Heroes

Jet Set Men has focused on porn parodies in recent years and the latest title is Hard Heroes, named after a superhero comic of the same name. In the first scene , Genesis Luna services Joey Boots, Dr. Bloom (Phillip Aubrey) and his latest evil creation The Decimator (Hayden Richards) in Hard Heroes by Jet Set Men.

You can also catch Hayden Richards dominating Genesis Luna in Abduction at Jet Set Men.

There’s more of Genesis as he was filming with geeky musclehead Clark at Southern Strokes last Thursday, a pairing I can’t wait to see.

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Genesis fucks Joey Vox at Southern Strokes

The scene between Genesis and Joey Vox that I blogged of when it was filmed is now available at Southern Strokes. Joey Vox is a newbie when it comes to man-on-man sex but he’s a quick learner under Genesis‘ wings, becoming an eager cocksucker and stretching his ass up in the air to meet Genesis’ thrusts at Southern Stroke. Genesis fucked Joey long and deep and Joey jacked his big cock until he blow the load over himself and Genesis whipped him a protein shake and fed it to him.

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Hayden Richards: Handsome Man with Hot Ass but at Top

Hayden Richards first came onto my radar as the dominant leather ‘boy’ in Jet Set Men‘s Abduction which remains unreleased but he has since fucked Bobby Hart in Backroom Exclusives 30 scene 2 at Hot House and topped Jarred King (a.k.a. Jarrod King) for a Jet Set Reality scene. This 6’1″ muscular blond here has the perfect attributes for gay porn – handsome face, hard cock and a cute butt that totally wasted as he’s strictly a top thus far. I wait for the day when he’ll flip over to spread his ass.

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Genesis Test Drives JJ at Southern Strokes

It’s cock galore here. I first posted about Southern Stroke‘s newcomer JJ two weeks ago when he first filmed for the site fucking Joey Voxx. What the behind-the-scenes didn’t reveal was that JJ had also been paired with Genesis and Southern Strokes gives Genesis the chance to savour that fat black cock. This scene shows Genesis to be quite the cocksucker to gag on JJ’s heavy piece. Genesis even tweeted that it’s the biggest piece he’s ‘messed w/ ever.’

Plus, I also have numerous pics of Genesis’ cock as he loves to tweet them.

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