More of Chris Rockway, Austin Wolf fucking Jordan Levine

Jason the Intern at Randy Blue generous shared more photos of the filming from last week of Jordan Levine getting fucked for the first time. Many of us have been waiting for Jordan Levine to give it up but the photo above shows Chris Rockway also bending over for Austin Wolf behind-the-scenes when rehearsing their roles, could it be that Chris Rockway will bottom as well? If it’s true, it’ll be the 3rd time ever that Chris Rockway gets fucked and it’s a scene I am very much looking forwards to.

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Landon Mycles and Vince Ferelli Coming to Suite 703

Landon Mycles and Vince FerelliGio Caruso Tweetphoto shares some behind-the-scenes photos of upcoming Suite 703 scenes which includes blond god Landon Mycles (Marcus Mojo at Next Door Studios) and body builder Vince Ferelli. Normally I would question who’s the top and who’s the bottom in such scenario given that Landon Mycles is all bottoms after his year long stint at Jet Set exclusive. Since Vince Ferelli is a strict bottom, it’s safe to guess that Landon Mycles a.k.a. Marcus Mojo will have to do the fucking.

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Chad Hollon and Gunner Pierce Prison Fuck

Chad Hollon and Gunner PierceI’m in love with Gunner Pierce – his dark hair and baby face set on his bubbly muscular body plus the guy is versatile and a moaner!

In an irony turn of events, the hunk who was dressed as policeman go-go dancing with Spencer Reed a few months ago is now behind bars for Randy Blue, getting fucked by Chad Hollon. Men find any way to have sex and being behind bars does not set these two back as they fondle each other between the bars and bribe the guard so Chad can have his way on Gunner’s ass.

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Text, Lies and Video parts 2 and 3

The twist and turns of a gay porn drama Text, Lies and Video from Randy Blue continues in part 2 and part 3. Andy (by Nicco Sky) finds out that Chris Rockway has posted the video of their fuck session (from part 1) online and is determined to find out why. Through the process, he encounters buff security guard Dallas Evans, who has also been fucked by and recorded by Travis (Chris Rockway), and talks with Eric Pryor who just got fucked by Benjamin Bradley but still no answer. In the midst of all this drama, Andy still manages a date with Riley Price which ends with a hot blowjob.

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Nicco Sky, Chris Steele, Nash Lawler’s Twitter

Here’s an assortment of tweets by Nicco Sky, Chris Steele, and Nash Lawler giving us a glimpse of their lives behind the camera.

Nicco Sky
stars in Randy Blue’s newest flick Text, Lies and Video opposite Chris Rockway an shares several behind-the-scenes pictures of the set filmed in December 2009. At Jet Set, director Chris Steele shared that they’ve recruited ex-Randy Blue star Topher DiMaggio and plus a few teasers of Jet Set exclusives Joshua Logan and Dylan Roberts. Nash Lawler shows of his new muscles, weighing in at a massive 204 lbs, probably to counter the critics that he was fat.

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Loving Nicco Sky and Gunner Pierce

Reese Rideout, Chris Rockway, Jeremy Walker will always be my Randy Blue favourites but I’m adding Gunner Pierce and Nicco Sky to that list after seeing the recent pics of them at the Cybersocket Awards. Although very different, Gunner Pierce has a short beefy build and Nicco Sky is slimmer but both caught the attention of the camera with their hot bodies and six-pack during the awards so I just had to share.

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