Simon Dexter’s Bromance in California

There’s some romance going on in gay porn and it’s not sexual, a buddying bromance has developed between model-turned-porn directr Benjamin Godfre and former Sean Cody favourite Simon Dexter. The two have been tweeting their daily hangouts and have been inseparable. I didn’t even realise Simon Dexter a.k.a. Simon Czaplinski had moved from New York to SoCal (Simon Dexter was originally from Chicago area, moved to New York to join tranny girlfriend Yasmine Petty with whom there were public fights and attempted mainstream modelling) and can be seen sharing his daily life going thru car repairs and grabbing lunch together.

This serves as further proof of Benjamin Godfre’s sexuality which he side-steps.

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What’s With The Fascination Over Benjamin Godfre?

Will somebody explain to me the fascination with Benjamin Godfre since his foray into gay porn last week because I just don’t get it.

Starting off the physical, by porn standards, I can think of dozens of better looking guys than Godfre whose face seems saggy and lacks definition, made worse by his 5 o’clock shadow of a goatee. Looking back to a picture of Godfre from 2008 above-right, I can understand the appeal but the man looks very different in 2012.

To the body, I give it to him that he’s got the lean build with abs but certainly no longer the rippling six-pack that he possessed back in the day. Pick any Randy Blue or Sean Cody actor and they’ll have a better body.

Everybody has different tastes so just because Godfre’s face and body just aren’t my cup of tea, it may be a turn on for you, I give him that much. But the bonekill is when he opens his mouth such as in the interview below for Manhunt Daily plus the few other interviews he loves to give, the guy has a horrible voice and looks is stoned half of the time.

BTW, posing in an underwear hardly qualifies you as a fashion model which Benjamin Godfre claims to have been, except if you count underwear as fashion because the only photos of Godfre are ones of him in soaked white briefs.

So enlighten me, why is this guy ‘hot?’

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Simon Dexter Escort

It’s no secret I’m a big Simon Dexter fan. The former Sean Cody model known as Harley shot his last scene a few months ago and left the amateur studio with a bang whilst announcing his aspirations for mainstream acting and modelling. With such announcement, I thought all that gay thing was behind him but David Forest throws me a surprise that Simon Dexter is available thru his Forest Meetings programme which is essentially an escort agency connecting johns with various porn stars. I guess the money was too hard to resist for a hot struggling actor…

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Sexy Simon Dexter even when Sick

No matter how you slice and dice him, Simon Dexter remains one sexy guy even after being sliced up three times during surgery. Shortly after his trip to New York City, the retired Sean Cody (known as Harley) star made an emergency visit to the hospital on 3 September 2009 to remove his appendix and stayed overnight but somehow manages to look sexy wearing the hospital gown. So much so that even the nurses cruised the guy, most probably not knowing he’s a hot porn star and model.

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Harley’s Last Scene at Sean Cody

Harley has been at Sean Cody for 2.5 years and has been transforming himself to be Simon Dexter in pursuit of more mainstream opportunities in recent months. Therefore Harley and Sean Cody have decided that this would be his last scene and he gets fucked by Matt, a guy with a huge long cock. Watch Harley waving his hard-on as he rides Matt.

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Porn Star New Job Description: Self Promote

For the longest time, guys getting into porn would join a studio emblematic of their looks and the studios would do the rest in promoting the hunk. That was the point of exclusives, so the studio would promote the guy.

Yet in the past three years and even more poignant the past year, self-promotion was added to the job description of porn stars. Thanks to MySpace, blogs and now Twitter, porn stars are directly connecting with fans to foster the fanbase to probably generate demand for themselves.

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Simon Dexter Getting a Blowjob

How I so love Simon Dexter’s spirit of sharing! Even though Simon Dexter is an exclusive of Sean Cody as Harley and is restricted from posting anything that would compete with Sean Cody, Simon gets around this by posting a video of a girl giving him a blowjob instead of the usual guy-on-guy action. It’s a nice view of his wood but too bad it ends without the orgasm. I hope there’s a part 2!

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Simon Dexter in Freshmen July 2009

Simon Dexter (a.k.a. Simon Czaplinski) is better known as Harley from Sean Cody appears on the current July 2009 issue of Freshmen. The 26 year old is a pretty hard working guy, he’s a top turned versatile at Sean Cody for the past two years whilst attempting other modelling work. Simon Dexter has just started blogging and Twittering.

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