Dani Robles Bent Over for Jessy Ares

I’ll say it again: I love Dani Robles and he’s the best Dani Robles since he débuted at Men At Play discovery this year.

Even though the Spanish hunk has moved to MEN.com for the newest scene, Dani Robles is still dressed in suit & tie with an office scene getting fucked by Jessy Ares in The Gay Office.

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Donato Reyes Makes the Office Sexy

You can count on Donato Reyes to make anything sexy including turning the boring office around such as in Silver Lining at Men At Play and in Fooling The Newbie getting fucked by Jessy Ares at The Gay Office.

‘Even the dullest day at the office has a silver lining , literally! When the boss’ secretary leaves at the end of the day Donato decides to get a taste of his boss’ power by making himself ‘comfortable’ on his chair and jerk one off at his desk. But still this doesn’t vent the anger he feels against his boss and so he leaves him a hot sticky surprise on the silver lining of his jacket.’

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Jay Roberts Unexpected Revenge from Jessy Ares

Jessy Ares exacts Unexpected Revenge on Jay Roberts in this new video from The Gay Office and the chemistry is amazing as these two real-life buddies fuck. Jay Roberts‘ cock stands at attention throughout the fuck as he rides Jessy on the stairs. The scene was filmed in Madrid in April and Alter Sin tweeted these behind the scenes photos showing they had fun on set.

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Alex Marte and Landon Conrad Flip Fuck in Militia

The men are rugged and are ready for action anytime. Raging Stallion‘s new title Militia brought sexy Italian Alex Marte over for a flip-fuck with blond Landon Conrad and they intensely tear each other apart. I am also excited to see the return of hairy Heath Jordan who gets fucked by Shawn Wolfe (blogged the filming here) in a bear hug. Not to be missed are Angelo Maroni‘s ass served to Jessy Ares and Marcus Ruhl pounded by Race Cooper.

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Jessy Ares & Trenton Ducati in Close Up

I never understood why the kitchen is the most popular place for sex outside of the bedroom but I guess that if I saw either Jessy Ares or Trenton Ducati in my kitchen, I’d have sex right on the spot as well. Jessy Ares fucks Trenton Ducati in Close Up: Scene 1 at TitanMen and there are quite a few close-ups of Jessy’s fat cock ramming in and out of Ducati’s rock hard buns.

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More Landon Conrad and Jessy Ares Fucking

Landon Conrad and Jessy Ares make a popular pairing as it’s the 3rd time the two have been paired together, first they were in The Woods 2 by RSS the Jessy fucked Landon in Kings of New York and now Landon Conrad flip-fucks with Jessy Ares in Inside Job 2 for Men At Play. I am waiting for these two to film a few more scenes together and set a record.

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