Connor Kline Retires From Gay Porn and fucked by Josh Bangs

Boy next door Connor Kline announced his gay porn retirement yesterday thru his twitter @CK8OH (previously @ConnorKlineXXX) and gave Zachary Sire of Stra8UpGayPorn an exit interiew that was quite shocking.

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I Need More of Kris Jamieson

Kris Jamieson has grown up and gotten way hotter since his first porn days at CollegeDudes then a solo at Randy Blue in 2011. The hunk has packed on muscles, added tattoos and scruff AND that cock is full grown, real 8 inches, as he fucks Lance Luciano at Big Dick Construction Company at Jet Set Men. Even though he retains his boyish innocent looks, Kris Jamieson becomes an animal as soon as Lance Luciano whips their dicks out and the shot of Kris’ ass below is golden.

There’s more of Lance Luciano at Big Dick Construction Company as he fucks Tom Wolfe in a fourway with Connor Kline and Duncan Black.

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Jayden Ellis and Andrew Fitch fuck Brett Summers

In the final episdoe of America’s Next Hot Bottom at Jet Set Men, Jayden Ellis reveals that he thinks Brett Summers has an amazing ass and as a bottom himself he would love to top him. He goes on to talk about what he would do if he had his way with both Andrew Fitch and Brett Summers. The trio starts off with three hard dicks and three hungry mouths. The trio can’t seem to get enough of each other’s cocks taking every inch they can and taking turns blowing each other. Jayden moves down and spreads Brett’s perfect blond ass cheeks apart and dives his tongue in deep setting the stage for the self professed bottom to take a turn at bat as a top. Both Jayden Ellis and Andrew Fitch take turns fucking hot bottom Brett Summers repeatedly until all three line up and jack hot loads of of their dicks!

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Connor Kline Top and Bottoms for Jayden Ellis and Andrew Gustavo

Muscle boy Connor Kline shows up to Jet Set Reality with a raging hard on, an insatiable sexual appetite and a big ass that’s in need of some hard cocks. Connor Kline hooks up with studly Alexander Gustavo and go-go boy Jayden Ellis for some hot three-way action that leads to the three horny muscle boys take turns fucking ass, sucking cock and blowing loads and the highlight is seeing Connor’s perfect furry getting fucked.

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Jet Set Wraps Big Dick Construction Company

Jet Set Men wrapped up the filming of new film Big Dick Construction Company in what director Chris Steele remarked as ‘the most organised shoot.’ It seems like Connor Kline is everywhere these days and has shifted from a total bottom as he was at Helix to versatile as he fucked Duncan Black. Also on set were Topher DiMaggio with boyfriend Lance Luciano and Tom Wolfe who gets fucked.

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Coming Scenes: Woody Fox at Men at Play, America’s Next Hot Bottom

Saying I have a thing for Woody Fox is an understatement and I am excited about his upcoming (on Friday!) Men At Play scene called Pure Suit with Justin Harris and Woody looks dashing.

Then there’s the king of parodies, Jet Set Men new title America’s Next Top Bottom starring Connor Kline who surprisingly is a top this time fucking Brett Summers, plus Johnny Torque, Alexander Gustavo, Shane Jacobs, Jayden Ellis Riley Banks and Andrew Fitch but not sure who are the bottoms.

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Porn Becomes Love for Seth Knight and Jake Genesis

Jake Genesis and Seth Knight are officially a couple and have even set up a joint name twitter account @SethandJake. I couldn’t help notice the contrast between muscular ripped Jake Genesis and smooth twink Seth Knight but the two are are happy as a bird and the many pictures they tweeted show it.

The two fell in love one month ago, 25 January 2013, whilst shooting for a Jet Set Men scene of Jake Genesis fucking Seth Knight and have since appeared on Randy Blue Live together. Though Seth is know more as a bottom, I wonder if he’ll top his boyfriend on camera for fans.

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Kris Jamieson and Joe Clark in Sleepers

Jet Set Men releases a hot scene from the film Sleepers of Kris Jamieson and Joe Clark.

Joe Clark decides he wants to know what Kris’s hot butthole tastes like in the middle of the night. Rather than wake the stud Joe has some fun slipping Kris’s hard dick out of his tighty whities and secretly sucking him off as he sleeps and gets bold by planting his lips on Kris’s sweet hole in his sleep. When it’s obvious the stud isn’t going to wake up any time soon Joe slips his own hard cock in the stud’s mouth. Then Kris wakes up and he takes revenge on Joe’s smooth sweet ass.

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