Porn Stars I Miss: Quentin Elias and Junior Stellano

There’s no better adjective to describe these two other than simply ‘hunk.’ Both of them haven’t done gay porn in a while but are still as hot as their porn days. The photos of French musician Quentin Elias show the man has not changed since his last and only gay porn scene as Q at Randy Blue back in 2008. And there’s Sicilian Junior Stellano who is a total stud in these pictures taken last week who still as delicious as when I last saw him in a gay porn scene 2 years ago. There were some tweets he’s pondering a return to gay porn and god I hope that is true. I miss these two!

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Tommy Defendi, Phenix Saint, Mason Star by Joe Oppedisano

I can never get enough of CockyBoys and was delighted to hear that NakedSword and CockyBoys are co-producing Golden Gate season 4 Tourist Season shot in New York as opposed to San Francisco. Joe Oppedisano photographed CockyBoys Tommy Defendi, Phenix Saint, and Mason Star back in September for the shoot and the guys are incredibly hot in these photos.

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Joe Oppedisano Photographs Jimmy Clay for CockyBoys

I honestly haven’t followed CockyBoys since they stopped hiring Bobby Clark and when Sebastian Young got sent to the slammer but Jimmy Clay seems a good enough reason to check out the site again. Joe Oppedisano was in Palm Springs this past weekend photographing for Cockyboys and there’s plenty of shots of Jimmy Clay (a.k.a. Jimmy Coxx) who will appear in a scene with Phenix Saint. The big question is who is the top in the scene given that both are tops (even though Jimmy Clay a.k.a. Jimmy Coxx bottomed for the first time for Brady Jensen at Cocksure Men this week).

Joe Oppedisano is very generous and shares some pics of the Cockyboys which includes this guy with a mohawk and pouty lips with one fat dick I can’t wait to see plus a scene of Phenix Saint and Jimmy Clay (a.k.a. Jimmy Coxx).

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Sebastian Young Out of Prison and Returns to Porn

Total stud Sebastian Young, whom I blogged incessantly between 2007-2008, is back! The former Jet Set exclusive was wanted in 2008 by Florida as a fugitive for battery he committed earlier has returned to shooting porn last week. Sebastian Young’s first scene out of jail is fucking Trent Diesel for CockyBoys which coincidentally shot his last scene before being locked up.

From the behind-the-scene photos of the shoot, it’s obvious that Sebastian Young has slimmed down significantly compared himself two years ago most likely because there’s not enough protein and supplements in prison to keep his muscles. Though he’s lost some muscles he didn’t lose his bad boy attitude with his plethora of tattoos and piercing eyes.

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Samuel Colt and Todd by Joe Oppedisano

Samuel Colt and Todd by Joe OppedisanoOk, Samuel Colt is a god in these photos taken by Joe Oppedisano last month. The chemistry between the two is evident as Samuel Colt and his friend Todd worship each other on a New York rooftop, the way the look, touch, smell plus there’s nothing hotter than two musclemen in worn ripped clothes and leather boots showing their tender side caressing each other.

In light of the excellent result in photographing this couple, Joe is offering a shoot “for a few good men, guys who are, um, obviously outgoing….smart, funny, and into being photographed.

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