See Dean Flynn and Spencer Reed in Slick Dogs

I wanna catch a flick not for the content but it’s difference such Slick Dogs by TitanMen. With its rubber fetish theme, all the guys in Slick Dogs are styled in colourful leather gear that makes them a little overdressed as far as porno goes. The truth is that I watch Slick Dogs mainly to see Spencer Reed and Dean Flynn in action.

TitanMen also manages to cover watersports and fisting in this three scene movie starring TitanMen exclusives Dean Flynn, JR Matthews, Tony Buff, and Will Parker plus ultra buff Spencer Reed, ex-Hot House exclusive Ethan Wolfe, and newcomer Billy Berlin.

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Samuel Colt and JR Matthews’ New Grooming Styles

Porn stars Mustang man Samuel Colt and Titan Man JR Matthews reveal their new styles – one shaved whilst the other grew out his beard. Body builder Samuel Colt shaved his head yesterday and has been playing with his look, donning a wig, for been Demonic Sex. On the opposite end, Titan Man JR Matthews grew some beard for a more scruffy look.

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Going to Coyote Point with JR Matthews by Titan Men

Another one of Titan‘s many location themed flicks (110 degrees in Tuscon, Back to Barstow, Slow Heat in a Texas Town), Coyote Point brings seven hot menincluding dreamboat JR Matthews to explore their urges and sees the return Dakota Rivers who looks even hotter. Cast includes Titan Man David Anthony, Scott Campbell, Luke Cassidy, Tyler Saint, Slade.

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Hot Tools in Titan’s Toolbox

Titan‘s new film Toolbox is loaded with big dicks and big dildos. In typical Titan fashion, every performer of the cast is packed with muscles including two of my Titan favs Dean Flynn and 24 year old JR Matthews engaged in some spit sweaty sex who rides a double-ended dilso with Ryan Russell.

Continue to see the cast and trailer of Toolbox and see it on Titan XXX.

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Dean Flynn and JR Matthews paired in Folsom Maneuvers

JR Matthews, Dean Flynn in Folsom Maneuvers by TitanMen
Dean Flynn has always been at the top of my list of Titan exclusives but new Titan exclusive JR Matthews is right up there now. California native, JR Matthews has such a strong presence at 24 years old with his wide shoulders and huge pecs. And what better than watching these two hot gargantuan hunks in the same scene in Folsom Maneuvers.

29 year old Canadian Ryan Russell also makes his porn debut in Folsom Maneuvers starring oppostie Tyler Saint. Rest of the cast includes Titan exclusives Tony Buff and Will Parker. Plus Gio Forte and Adam Knox.

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