Kevin Crow’s Perfect Pucker

The camera has always focused on Kevin Crow‘s cock as he drills his lucky victims but I never got to fantasise about his rear-end until now. In a scene named “Off the Wall” at, we are presented with the hottest views of Kevin’s pucker that’s simply perfect. To complicate matters, scene partner Christopher Daniel‘s ass is on display as well making it impossible to focus on the action as the two exquisite asses vye for my attention.

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Possibly The Last Photos of Kevin Crows

These may be the last photos of Kevin Crows, the lean popular gay-for-pay star announced his return to school in September and has been pursuing his artistic interests this past year that’s he’s put porn in the back-burner.

When I checked today, Kevin Crows has shut down his twitter and removed all contents from except for these few pictures, pretty indicative that he’s retiring from porn.

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Kevin and Jimmy Coxx in So You Think You Can Fuck

This should be one of Kevin Crows last scenes as he announced he’s back to return to school full-time and may wind down porn. Kevin Crows fucks Jimmy Coxx a.k.a. Jimmy Clay at Dominic Ford’s So You Think You Can Fuck season 2.

The new season also stars Mitch Vaughn, Rick McCoy, Jarrett Rex, and Tony.

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Kevin Crows fucks Marcus Mojo

This is not the first time Kevin Crows and Marcus Mojo have fucked but there can’t be ‘too much’ of these two with their perfect bodies and piercing eyes. The two give a passionate vibe in this scene named Casual Sex as they kiss , carress and fuck.

Marcus Mojo appeared earlier this month at Toronto’s Dirty Sexy Boat Party and did a strip show for fans showing that the guy is very ‘interactive’ with his audience despite many complaints that he’s gay-for-pay, he’s certainly not boring.

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Snakebite with Marcus Mojo, Kevin Crows, Joey Hard

God, I love Kevin Crows and Marcus Mojo, both who excel at sucking, kissing and fucking. Crows is bitten by a snake while pissing outdoors, but luckily, his friends are nearby and they just so happen to be really good with venom. Unlucky? The snake bite is on Kevin’s dick. Lucky? The two friends there to suck out the venom are Marcus Mojo and Joey Hard. In no time at all, Kevin has forgotten all about the pain, and the three of them are handling, sucking and fucking each other’s ‘snakes’.

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