Behind The Scenes of Beef N Briefs by Kristofer Weston

After filming two scenes for Falcon’s California Dreamin’ yesterday, Ray Han is in northern California filming with COLT director Kristofer Weston for Beef N Briefs. From Weston’s pictures so far, daddy Dirk Caber fucks Sebastian Rossi; Bob Hager with Luke Adams; John Magnum paired with Ray Han in this outdoors fuck flick.

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Liam Magnuson Films for COLT

After uncountable number of scenes for where he was an exclusive for only 6 months but seemed like an eternity, Liam Magnuson is now a free agent and was filming for COLT the past two days. From these tweets, Liam Magnuson was paired with cutie bottom Brayden Forrester and Tate Ryder (whom I recall was retiring) with Tom Wolfe.

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Trenton Ducati at COLT and Christian Power fucks Ben Rose

Here’s what’s happening.

Trenton Ducati was busy filming again today for COLT director Kristofer Weston; massive man Christian Power hung out with Marko Lebeau’s dog Riley on the set after he fucks Ben Rose; and Connor Kline was filming his umpteenth scene of the weekend with Laura D who complimented him on her blog: “Adorable kid. Super cute, amazing abs and body.”

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Jake Genesis is Done with Raging Stallion?

It sounds like Jake Genesis is done at Raging Stallion, merely one month after RSS signed him on as exclusive that made him move from Madrid to L.A. In a recent twitter exchange with Kristofer Weston, Jake Genesis reveals he is now allowed to shoot elsewhere and his tweets show he’s now on Randy Blue Live, all which indicate he’s no long an exclusive. In the short month that Jake Genesis was with Raging Stallion, he shot two scenes - Cock Craze scene 1 fucking with Trenton Ducati and Impact scene 3 with Caleb Colton.

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Kristofer Weston Filming ARMOUR for COLT

Director Kristofer Weston spent the week filming ARMOUR, a new COLT flick of men in difference gear from leather to football shoulder pads and he tweeted numerous pictures of Bob Hager with Dolan Wolf, Dirk Caber with Jessy Ares, and Jessy Ares and Adam Champ. Jake Genesis also showed up on the set to visit.

Amongst his tweets, Kristofer also found the old films he starred when he was performing porn.

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Bobby Clark Goes for New Look

Bobby Clark‘s image so far has been the ‘all-American blond boy’ but the latest tweet to Kristofer Weston “I’m back in the biz if you haven’t heard, with body hair ;) ” may indicate he’s growing up and may soon appear with a new look. In recent photos, he’s growing out the body hair and a goatee, and making sure Kristofer knows it.

Bobby Clark and Kristofer Weston are no strangers as Bobby first shot for Buckshot in 2008 titled Boy Country when I referred to him as a twink.

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