Sexo in Barcelona is Sexy

Latin men are sexy and they are even sexier in Sexo en Barcelona, Part 2 by Raging Stallion with tonnes of uncut Latin cock and loads of dark skinned studs. Filmed in Barcelona in April 2013, which I posted here and here, the part 2 sees the return of Aybars to RSS fucking big boy Donato Reyes. Marc Dylan, who has been on a hiatus for year, gets fucked by boyfriends Goran and Damien Crosse separately, and Axel Brooks returns to porn fucking Adrian Toledo and giving him a cum facial.

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Hot House Films Marc Dylan and Angel Rock in Palm Springs

It seems like Marc Dylan is returning to gay porn again after a year hiatus, filming two weeks ago in Barcelona for RSS and he’s now in Palm Springs for Hot House. These tweets show that Hot House is in Palm Springs and filmed a scene of Marc Dylan getting fed many dicks. Also on location are Jimmy Durano and Brandon Jones plus Angel Rock fucks Marcus Ruhl‘s big butt.

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What’s Filming in España, Randy Blue and CockyBoys

Raging Stallion continues filming in Barcelona recruiting many Spanish porn stars including Lucio Saints, Adrian Toledo, Donato Reyes for a threeway plus the return o RSS exclusive Aybars with Martin Mazza. Earlier last week, I reported that Marc Dylan got fucked by Damien Crosse, I just saw that Francesco D’Macho fucked Marc Dylan as well.

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Marc Dylan and Damien Crosse Fuck in Barcelona

Raging Stallion‘s Adam Robinson and Tony DiMarco arrived in Barcelona last weekend filming a new title and they brought sexy Marc Dylan out of semi-retirement doing what he does best – getting fucked. Today, Damien Crosse got lucky and fucked Marc Dylan. Marc Dylan also met Francesco D’Macho and worked out together.

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A Night With Marc Dylan in a Hotel

Here’s a glimpse of one of Marc Dylan‘s life inside a hotel room which he spends a lot of nights in, nothing sordid or exciting but him just being his exhibitionist self as he poses for the camera. After all, he lives just like us as on the night of December 4 and morning of the 5th, Marc Dylan chronicled himself from flexxing and checking out his 6 pack before bed and waking up to a hard on.

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Paddy O’Brian fucks Marc Dylan in Summer Lust

British sensation Paddy O’Brian fucks Marc Dylan in Summer Lust by Falcon and the musclebottom gives up his ass by the pool. Marc Dylan hasn’t been filming as much as he used to when there was a scene of him released every week a year ago.

Instead of filming, Marc spent the whole month of September in New York City, presumably escorting, indulging a lot in food as his tweets indicate . I blogged that Marc Dylan loves his sweets and he continues by posting numerous pics of his desserts and pizzas, yet still stay in shape which makes me so jealous.

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Paddy O’Brian Headlines Summer Lust

Paddy O’Brian is the real star in Falcon‘s upcoming Summer Lust as he scores the cover looking calm and sexy by the pool and Paddy O’Brian gets to fuck cute Jimmy Fanz (now released) and tops amazing ass Marc Dylan plus D.O. fucks Dean Monroe and Landon Conrad does Bryce Star. Paddy O’Brian flew to California last month and filmed this at Naughty Pines as well as a scene for Bound Jocks directed by Kristofer Weston released this week.

Paddy does look so sexy in these pics with an amazing ripped body and hairy nuts but I wish he could get more involved into the scene with some passion.

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Marc Dylan, Angelo Marconi, Adam Champ in Explosive by RSS

Raging Stallion‘s Explosive is simple flick of bold and rugged men having blowout sex. It’s enticing enough just looking at the cast – hairy Adam Champ fucking both Marc Dylan and Derek Parker, Angelo Marconi‘s ass welcomes Fabio Stallone‘s thick dick, and Alexander Garrett forcing into Jessie Colter.

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I Want Marc Dylan’s Life

The million dollar question when looking at hot guys like Marc Dylan is always: do I want him or do I want to be him?

Today, I’ve finally decided that Marc Dylan‘s life looks pretty good and I’d want to be him. What’s not to like? The guy is prime AAA beef of a hunk desired by so many there’s money rolling into his pocket every day he opens his eyes from porn or from escorting; he spends more than half of his life in hotels and has some magic genes in his DNA that metabolises all the desserts he indulges. I want all that!

Just from his tweets in July, Marc Dylan can be seen taking pictures of himself in different hotel rooms. Imagine a life not having to clean your own place and make the bed every day because there’s somebody who does it for you. But what I am most envious of is the desserts he consumes, which is always, and still maintains those ‘cum-gutters’ he is so famous for.

The following pictures are a glimpse of Marc Dylan’s life outside of porn – dessert and hotels, which is a pretty good life.

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