Marcus Mojo Has a Girlfriend

It was no secret that one of gay porn’s favourites, Marcus Mojo, bats for the other team but many of us ignore it because Marcus Mojo‘s performances were just too convincing plus, who can resist the clear blue and perfect body. But for anybody dreaming of ’til death do us part’ with the Northern California blond, I got to break the news that it’s not happening as Marcus Mojo confirmed he’s a total hetero and that he has a girlfriend in one of his blog posts talking about Christmas last week:

“christmas day i spend with my girlfriend and her family! Our first christmas together so i’m excited “

Based on twitter interaction and various naked photos of Marcus Mojo, the lucky girl is Chelsea Kilat.

This isn’t likely to alter the views of fans and ignite a mass cancellation of subscriptions as the guy delivers, like in his newest solo scene, Militant Masturbation.

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Riley Price Pounds Marcus Mojo Afterhours

Marcus Mojo deals with a drunken Riley Price after closing. First he offers to help the guy out the door but also is willing to accomodate a hot drunk guy, provided that the random drunk guy has no problem ‘accommodating’ Marcus. And by that, of course, I mean deep throating his cock, rimming his hole and pounding his ass until they both cum like crazy!

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Kevin Crows fucks Marcus Mojo

This is not the first time Kevin Crows and Marcus Mojo have fucked but there can’t be ‘too much’ of these two with their perfect bodies and piercing eyes. The two give a passionate vibe in this scene named Casual Sex as they kiss , carress and fuck.

Marcus Mojo appeared earlier this month at Toronto’s Dirty Sexy Boat Party and did a strip show for fans showing that the guy is very ‘interactive’ with his audience despite many complaints that he’s gay-for-pay, he’s certainly not boring.

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Tommy Defendi fucks Marcus Mojo in Office Affairs

How can anybody resist this scene? Twink-turned-twunk-turned-stud Tommy Defendi fucks the world’s hottest bottom Marcus Mojo in scene four of Office Affairs. Marcus Mojo‘s model good looks capture Tommy Defendi‘s attention as he models for an underwear line and Marcus is just as turned on, quickly bending over for the photographer. Before long, Tommy slams his dick deep inside Marcus’ buttcrack and bucks back and forth, building in speed and ferocity to a chorus of their passionate grunts until they both shoot their loads.

The storyline is crappy, a photoshoot isn’t really an Office Affair but when it comes the these two hunks, I can overlook such error because Marcus Mojo’s ass is so beautiful and seemlingly the perfect fit to Tommy Defendi hairy shaft.

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Snakebite with Marcus Mojo, Kevin Crows, Joey Hard

God, I love Kevin Crows and Marcus Mojo, both who excel at sucking, kissing and fucking. Crows is bitten by a snake while pissing outdoors, but luckily, his friends are nearby and they just so happen to be really good with venom. Unlucky? The snake bite is on Kevin’s dick. Lucky? The two friends there to suck out the venom are Marcus Mojo and Joey Hard. In no time at all, Kevin has forgotten all about the pain, and the three of them are handling, sucking and fucking each other’s ‘snakes’.

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Cast of Office Affairs by Falcon

The first scene of Office Affairs starring D.O. and Roman Heart was just released and judging by the cast of the film, it’s going to capture my heart and dick. Office Affairs stars sultry Argentine D.O. fucking Roman Heart, fuzzy bear Marko Lebeau tops Dylan Roberts, Marcus Mojo fucked by Tommy Defendi, Landon Conrad and Brandon Lewis.

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