BTS: Guard Patrol, Joseph Rough at Blue Bailey’s last scene, Alexander Gustavo

31 year old Mitch Vaughn makes a return to porn (he never retired but rarely filmed in the past year) in a fourway with David Benjamin, Rocco Steele and Brian Bonds in Guard Patrol #guardpatrolxxx directed by Bruno Bond for Raging Stallion. I presume this is one of many scenes to come.

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Where In The World is Seven Dixon

Muscle bottom Seven Dixon has not been seen since April. He hasn’t tweeted since and in fact, his twitter has been hijacked preaching horoscope. Where in the world is he?

Inked muscle god Seven Dixon’s ass was a gift from god since his debut in August 2013 filming Open Road but it seems his career in gay porn was short lived.

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BTS: Hot House Wrapped Trunk 8 of Mitch Vaughn, David Benjamin; FIlmed Dylan Knight, Brandon Jones

Hot House wrapped filming of Trunks 8 this week in Palm Springs (it started last week here) with the introduction of newcomer David Benjamin. David Benjamin is a chiseled face Ducati model and a stripper at Secrets in Washington D.C. who got fucked by Mitch Vaughn in the pool in his first porn scene. The other Trunks 8 scene is of Logan Vaughn and formerly straight Steve Stiffer fucking on the lawn.

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Christian Wilde Bottoms for his Own Videos

One thing I learned in life is to never say never.

Though Christian Wilde never professed he was a top exclusively, I’ve known him to spread his ass only once (for Austin Wilde at Golden Gate 5) but it seems Christian Wilde is now more open to opening his butt as he dildo fucked himself on camera for his custom videos at So if you got the dough, Christian Wilde will spread those legs.

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Jimmy Durano and Mitch Vaughn Get Wet in THE DOM

An ass like Mitch Vaughn‘s is kinda irresistible and Jimmy Durano doesn’t hesitate to dive in. Jimmy Durano and Mitch Vaughn get wet and dirty in scene 4 of THE DOM at Hot House and I love the great ass shots and watching Jimmy suck dick. The hot fucking send both men blowing huge loads and Mitch’s shoots straight up over his head and off camera!

Plus there’s a few shots of Jimmy Durano with boyfriend Christian Owen spending the holidays together.

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I Can’t Decide Between Lance Luciano and Topher DiMaggio in SYTYCF

Two latest contestants at Dominic Ford’s SYTYCF III look so similar that I can’t decide who to root for. Both Topher DiMaggio from the fifth scene and Lance Luciano in the sixth scene have identical bodies with jet black hair and the same piercing ‘make love to me’ eyes. Boyfriend in real-life, the only noticeable difference is that Lance Luciano is versatile as he fucks and rides Mitch Vaughn in the sixth episode of SYTYCF III. However, Lance Luciano looks like a horrible bottom in the scene and I am surprised that Topher DiMaggio, a skilled top, hasn’t taught him to enjoy bottoming.

Both are handsome and fuckable. Can Dominic Ford make them both winners and fuck each other!

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Americanisation of Men At Play

One aspect I’ve loved about Men At Play is their selection of European models over the years which has always differed from their American counterparts. Probably it’s because I see the American porn stars way too much that I want a taste of the other side, yet it seems Men At Play is increasingly Americanised in the past year with a diminishing cast of Euro models who look hotter in suits because they tend to be slimmer. In recent months, there’s Jake Genesis, Cavin Knight, and Spencer Reed who looks out of place in a suit and this week Men At Play releases American boyfriends Dominic Sol and Morgan Black plus they just filmed Landon Conrad in London today.

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