Paddy O’Brian fucks Juan Lopez in Ibiza

I’be been looking forward to this scene since its filming two month ago and I am disappointed.

Paddy O’Brian delivered an exceptional performance getting his hairy ass gang-banged in Prisoner of War but reverted to his mechanical self as he fucked Juan Lopez in Men In Ibiza scene 1 at Drill My Hole. Whilst Juan hungrily lapped up Paddy‘s dick and rode it to the base, Paddy bared kissed Juan and still refused to suck cock.

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Paddy O’Brian’s Hairy Ass Gang Banged in Prisoner of War

Paddy O’Brian gets gang banged for the first time ever in the hottest gay porn scene of the summer!‘s Prisoner of War series is turning out to be a big hit. Prisoner of War debuted all the way back on June 7th when Paddy O’Brian stuffed his perfect shaft into boyish Allen King. In scene 2, Paddy spread his cheeks for hulking Spaniard Alex Brando which was one of his best bottoming videos to date. In this last episode (part 4) of Prisoner of War, we get to see Paddy O’Brian’s straight ass getting fucked in a massive gangbang by Alex Brando, Damien Crosse, Allen King and Gabriel Vanderloo.

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Alex Brando Fucks Prisoner of War Paddy O’Brian

Paddy O’Brian is possibly the hottest prisoner of war as he gets his hairy hole screwed by sexy Alex Brando in Prison of War part 2. The shots of his hairy asshole spread open in plain view make it seem he’s a big bottom even though Paddy O’Brian has only been fucked a handful of times.

It seems like Paddy is progressing with the bottoming thing as he gets plowed for a good 15 minutes, breaking his previous records of a few strokes. IF you like Paddy O’Brian bottoming, this is the scene to watch! It is the best way to enjoy your weekend.

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Father Paddy O’Brian Will Definitely Increase Church Attendance

With church attendance as such lows, any church willing to hire father Paddy O’Brian will surely be packed!

London-based GD Photo Arts took these photos of sexy Paddy O’Brian last week as the priest who is not afraid to whip out his cock for worship and penance. I bet you a throng of sinners will miraculously appear to get on their knees to worship Paddy’s perfection. I will never see a priest in the same manner after these…

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