Genesis Luna is Decimated in Hard Heroes

Jet Set Men has focused on porn parodies in recent years and the latest title is Hard Heroes, named after a superhero comic of the same name. In the first scene , Genesis Luna services Joey Boots, Dr. Bloom (Phillip Aubrey) and his latest evil creation The Decimator (Hayden Richards) in Hard Heroes by Jet Set Men.

You can also catch Hayden Richards dominating Genesis Luna in Abduction at Jet Set Men.

There’s more of Genesis as he was filming with geeky musclehead Clark at Southern Strokes last Thursday, a pairing I can’t wait to see.

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Is Banana The New Sex Toy?

Banana is becoming the new dildo. The semblance has always been strong in terms of shape, size and colour but porn is going bananas over banana. Just this past weekend at Folsom in San Francisco witnessed Mr Pam shoving the potassium rich stick up Phillip Aubrey’s ass and Leo Forte feeding newcomer Randall O’Reilly’s ass (pic above) with one then Randall takes a big bite out of it. Scene 2 of Lucas Raunch’s Push It Out also has Edji Da Silva stuffing a banana up Jonathan Agassi, among other kinks. Makes me wonder how many more bananas will appear in porn.

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Christian Wilde fucks Phillip Aubrey in NakedSword

I haven’t blogged much about Christian Wilde even though he’s been in porn for a while but the Banana Guide interview with Christian and his performance in NakedSword‘s WILDE ROAD has ignited my interest in him. Besides being an imposing man and rough looks, he’s actually articulate and got a good head on his shoulder. In NakedSword series, Christian Wilde heads out in WILDE ROAD and gets picked up by Phillip Aubrey who is the perfect bottom for Christian Wilde’s cock.

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Phillip Aubrey a ‘Stud?’

Phillip Aubrey, formerly Jasper St. John, wasn’t really the kind of guy I’d describe as a ‘stud’ before but the photos of him in recent months has changed my mind. The guy is cut (those abs above), bulging and confident as he shows off those muscles. He even has Mitch Vaughn worshipping him, licking up his pits and flip-fuck at Cocksure Men.

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Phillip Aubrey Looks Perfect Here

Bigorexia has plagued gay porn and it has hit Phillip Aubrey as well but in a good way. In the latest photos of Phillip Aubrey for NakedSword, the former slim blond has packed on muscles to the point of perfection – the shoulder are bulgings, abs are ripped and even his cock looks bigger. Possibly due to hulking Spencer Reed’s influence or gay culture in general the blond has been a metamorphosis since his highly publicised break-up last year, been a lot more outgoing and active in porn and bulking up.

His new look makes him believable as the top fucking handsome Robert Axel in Stalker for NakedSword.

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Phenix Saint Plows Phillip Aubrey at CockyBoys

Jasper St. John and Phenix Saint were the original CockyBoys and now they’ve reconnected. Now known as Phillip Aubrey, the aggressive blond bottom gets plowed by 30 year old Phenix Saint. Phenix interviewed Phillip for a few minutes, but he couldn’t concentrate enough on the talking part when he knew that under those clothes was the body of a Greek god. The clothes came off pretty quickly, and the two of them got down to business the way only pros know how to!

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Phillip Aubrey Speaks Out

Phillip AubreySpencer Reed blogged earlier of his wound from the last fight with Phillip Aubrey which led to a break-up and charges against Phillip for assault. Now Phillip Aubrey speaks out detailing the abusive relationship he had with Spencer Reed from the very first week the two moved in together in October 2009 and blames it all on Spencer Reed’s roid rage. I always maintain that there are two sides to every story and nobody is right when it comes to relationsips but I find Phillip Aubrey‘s account more believable given that it’s evident Spencer Reed has been taking roids for the last 70 lbs of muscles he has amassed since his porn debut at Randy Blue four years ago.

According to Phillip, the rage in question started in the middle of the night as Spencer threw a fit and Phillip was defending himself. Phillip posed the question of whether a 170lbs femish guy as himself could possibly pin down an aggressive Spencer who is 70 lbs heavier. Phillip aso revealed Spencer’s addiction for food and the bodybuilder’s social ineptitude:

“he calls his fans and people on twitter his real friends, the truth is that i lived with him for two years and he doesnt have any true real friends except for one. and he only came over when spencer needed his weed.”

Read Phillip Aubrey’s account of the incident.

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Girth Brooks is Not Done Yet

The porn star famous for his girth and aptly named Girth Brooks is not totally done with porn. The gay-for-pay porn star who Conner Habib documented here and who announced his engagement a few months ago still has two scenes released of him this week. Girth Brooks had quit porn and deleted his twitter account shortly after his engagement announcement a few months ago so these two new scenes are presumably shot before the retirement featuring his thick cock few porn watchers will forget and I’m glad they are out!

Girth Brooks isn’t just another “pretty boy”. He’s undeniably sexy in an incredibly masculine sense. He’s hairy-chested, not shaved. And he’s “built”, not “ripped”. And then, of course, there’s his cock. Even flaccid, it’s a monster! He takes on daddy Trace Michaels in the locker room at PerfectGuyz and Phillip Aubrey at Dominic Ford.

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