More of Chris Rockway, Austin Wolf fucking Jordan Levine

Jason the Intern at Randy Blue generous shared more photos of the filming from last week of Jordan Levine getting fucked for the first time. Many of us have been waiting for Jordan Levine to give it up but the photo above shows Chris Rockway also bending over for Austin Wolf behind-the-scenes when rehearsing their roles, could it be that Chris Rockway will bottom as well? If it’s true, it’ll be the 3rd time ever that Chris Rockway gets fucked and it’s a scene I am very much looking forwards to.

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A Breakthrough for Reese Rideout

My favourite Randy Blue man Reese Rideout is back and does the unexpected to keep fans happy including a safe sex creampie, scooping up Josh Connor‘s cum as lube and giving Josh a cum facial unloading in Josh’s mouth and then kissing him, exchanging the cum between their mouths. This is a Reese Rideout I’ve never seen before and I hope there’s more of it to come.

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Chris Bines The Willing Bottom

Chris Bines‘ versatility is one quality porn stars should model after. In the two year Chris Bines has been fucking for Randy Blue, he’s switched from a top to a very willing bottom and in front of and behind the camera because Chris reveals in this video he has been fucking off-scene with Travis James.

In this behind-the-scenes video, Chris Bines is freshly fucked by Bryce Tucker and talks about his bottoming scenes thus far which he seems to enjoy as much as I like watching them. This all makes me wonder if Chris Bines plays for the same team or gay-for-pay but he does admit having a mancrush on Travis James – something few would admit.

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Reese Rideout fucks Chris Bines at Randy Blue

Reese Rideout hasn’t been filming as much these days but he still has that special place in my heart. Reese Rideout appears in the latest scene with a beard matching that of his partner Chris Bines.

I love how Reese seems to really get into his scenes as the two exchange blowjobs, slurping up each other’s fat cocks until Reese can’t resist and he spins Chris Bines around to attack his furry hole with his tongue just enough to get it ready for his huge dick to go deep inside it. Reese made full use of all the workout equipment in the gym to bend Chris over and fuck his ass like there was no tomorrow. The two sweaty horny gym jocks going all hard core until Reese shoots all over Chris’ back and Chris followed it up with his own spray of jizz all over his own furry chest.

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Chip Tanner and Reese Rideout Dance for Equality

Porn stars dancing for a good cause. Chip Tanner and Reese Rideout dance in this Youtube video to fight for gender equality because Youtube always deletes videos of men dancing sexily but allow the female dancing videos to live on so Chip Tanner is putting a fight and even has the girls’ video on the top right corner to demonstrate they are doing the same thing and deserve the same.

I really appreciate Chip Tanner’s eloquent speech for this video and immediately reviewed Chip Tanner’s Randy Blue scenes and see he’s a very passionate versatile star who’s actually funny to watch when he plays his b-scripts.

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Race Cooper Ab Off, Reese Rideout and Alexsander Freitas’ Bods

Race Cooper, Trent Diesel, Phenix SaintRace Cooper already has an amazing rack of abs, granted Phenix Saint and Trent Diesel have as well, but the two challenged Race Cooper in an ab-off last week when a bunch of porn stars gathered in San Francisco with Chi Chi, Phenix betted that he would have better abs than Race in one month. The reveal will come at GayVN and I can’t wait to see what they guys look like by then!

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