Marcus Ruhl Massaged by Jake Cruise

I never got the appeal of Jake Cruise but with the debut of Marcus Ruhl, I had to blog this because this papi is just too hot. Cocksure Men Casting Director Mann Monroe located this Columbian and has already filmed several scenes of Marcus Ruhl. The guy’s handsome face, muscular body and thick arms, green eyes, and big uncut cock are just too beautiful to behold and everybody is raving that this stud is versatile.

Though Marcus and Jake Cruise claimed this as a porn debut, Marcus Ruhl has actually performed a solo for COLT as Amancio in MAN TRICKS, Scene #03 last year.

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Phillip Aubrey Looks Perfect Here

Bigorexia has plagued gay porn and it has hit Phillip Aubrey as well but in a good way. In the latest photos of Phillip Aubrey for NakedSword, the former slim blond has packed on muscles to the point of perfection – the shoulder are bulgings, abs are ripped and even his cock looks bigger. Possibly due to hulking Spencer Reed’s influence or gay culture in general the blond has been a metamorphosis since his highly publicised break-up last year, been a lot more outgoing and active in porn and bulking up.

His new look makes him believable as the top fucking handsome Robert Axel in Stalker for NakedSword.

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Jet Set Men Filmed 21 Hump Street

The king of gay porn parodies, Jet Set Men, has just wrapped the fiming of 21 Hump Street (à la 21 Jump Street) with an unexpected appearance by Ron Jeremy who plays a non-sexual role. 21 Hump Street stars hotties such as Robert Axel, Riley Price’s comeback after a two month ‘retirement,’ former Randy Blue star Kris Jamison, Bryce Star and new Jet Set exclusive Jason Goodman.

Things have been really quiet at Jet Set Men for the past two years and this is their second film since January, the first called Tosh.Hole.

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Robert Axel Fucked at Cocksure Men

Cocksure Men may be winding down but Robert Axel is still a sight to behold especially when the 6′ tall hunk bend over. Robert Axel arches his ass in the air, begging for Dylan Now to slide balls deep inside him. Dylan stuffs him from behind and then Robert decides it’s time to go for a ride, cowboy-style and the two eventually cum over Robert’s ripped abs.

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Robert Axel and Logan Scott Flip-fuck at Cocksure Men

Every time major stud Robert Axel gets fucked, I’m here to share it because how can anybody not like a hunk who sucks cock so expertly and gets fucked as good as he ditches it. Robert Axel meets up with newly buffed up Logan Scott for Cocksure Men and duo start things off with some tongue-swapping before exchanging blow jobs and adding a very sensual session of 69ing to the mix. There’s lots of heavy breathing and sweating as the guys go all out in the scene.

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The Engagement Part 2 at Cocksure Men

Engagement part 2
It’s one hot engagement party at Cocksure Men, the six stars Brady Jensen, Kevin Crows, Morgan Black, Robert Axel, Guy Jones and Mitch Vaughn were split into two threesomes in The Engagement Part 1 a while back. After that passionate threeway, the guys rejoin at the showers to lather up. Just as they’re calling it a night with a champagne toast, a sexual feast ensues again.

The most amazing part is the geyser of cum Kevin Crows blew at the end then Kevin and Brady lay back as their friends wish them luck in a fountain of cum!

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Gavin Waters and Robert Axel Flip Fuck at Cocksure Men

One’s a hulking black guy and the other a lean blond, Robert Axel and Gavin Waters flip fuck at Cocksure Men and it’s guaranteed to be a hit as Robert gets bigger and more willing.

“Robert Axel, bigger than ever before, wrestles full on with the ripped blond Gavin Waters, until Gavin taps out and becomes Robert’s eager, nasty bottom. A newly invigorated Gavin slobbers all over Robert’s cock, taking it deep in his mouth while stroking his own. Then Gavin finally just gives up his ass, too and lets Robert tap that as well. In the end, Robert shows he knows how to take complete control and Gavin learns that for full satisfaction.”

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Robert Axel, Brady Jensen, Kevin Crows in The Engagement Party part 1

I am not normally a fan of groups probably due to my inability to multitask but The Engagement Party part 1 at Cocksure Men can be an exception since it has Brady Jensen, Kevin Crows and hunky Robert Axel. I know there are many fans of newcomer Morgan Black who I have yet to fall for, plus there’s Guy Jones.

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