The Cocksure Men Exclusives

Cocksure Men presents its six exclusives Morgan Black, Brady Jensen, Robert Axel (a short-lived Falcon exclusive for one flick), Guy Jones, Mitch Vaughn and Kevin Crows who are set to appear in an epic 2-part 6-man orgy scene in early 2011.

I’ve haven’t seen much of the others but my favourites are Brady Jensen, Robert Axel and Kevin Crows.

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Kevin Crows and Robert Axel Cocksure Men

Kevin Crows and Robert Axel title=
In the span of a few scenes Kevin Crows has evolved from a typical boy dabbling gay porn who was only willing to get sucked to full on sucking & fucking. In the latest scene from Cocksure Men, Kevin Crows further explores man-on-man action with Robert Axel, another flawless hunk with equally bulging biceps and massive pecs. Kevin’s 8-inch thick piece of meat is a perfect match for Robert’s beautiful ass. Sideways, doggy-style, or on their knees, these two guys continuously heat up the screen as well as each other.

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Falcon Shoots Dripping Wet 3

Rod Daily and Robert AxelRod Daily and Robert Axel
Falcon just filmed four scenes for new flick Dripping Wet 3 presumably in Palm Springs with a huge cast of including newcomer Jake Austin from Texas and pleasant surprise of Robert Axel (who was CockyBoys and a tranny scene).

It was merely a year ago when Falcon filmed Dripping Wet 2, and it was Erik Rhodes’ first time behind the camera as apprentice to John Bruno. Talk about product placement – Dripping Wet 2 who had all its underwear sponsored by /baskit/ wear, all swimsuits in Dripping Wet 3 come from N2Nbodywear.

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Ty Colt, John Magnum, Rusty Stevens, Rod Daily in Tranny Porn

All of the above guys fuck with trannys!

I don’t normally venture into tranny porn but there’s been too much coverage of gay porn stars appearing in shemale porn that I had to step into the other world to see for myself.

For the past several weeks, Men of Porn has been posting a lot about popular gay porn stars (they’re actually gay-for-pay) such as Rusty Stevens, Tristan Matthews, Rod Daily and Robert Axel showing up at various tranny sites. I’m so used to seeing man-on-man action that the sight of them dominated by trannies required some adjustment. Then there’s Wolf Hudson, winner for Cybersocket Awards 2010 for Best Personality, and who only tops in gay porn, opening up his ass in a tranny scene at TS Seduction.

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