Handlebar Moustached Samuel Colt

Leather daddy Samuel Colt has been sporting the handlebar moustache since the beginning of the year. Though I don’t find it sexy and actually see it as a distraction from his thick body, I can overlook the issue when Samuel is willing to spread his ass.

Spaniard Frank Valencia takes over the big brute, throwing Samuel Colt’s massive butt and thighs in the air to stuff him with his boner at Butch Dixon. The best is that this daddy takes it like a MAN – taking every inch down to the base like it’s a piece of cake whether doggy, missionary or reverse cowboy that makes it easy to forget about his moustache.

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DILF Casey Williams and Samuel Colt

I can’t resist calling Samuel Colt and Casey Williams daddies with their greying hair and receding hairline but they are very hot daddies. These two hunks are in top form as they flip-fuck in scene 1 of On Tap at Titan. These two are all over each other including Casey getting rimmed and fucked from behind, pushing down his boner to show it off. Samuel Colt gets on his back, Casey plowing him as an aerial shot looks down on their two buff bods before they shoot—Casey’s load hitting Samuel’s cock.

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Gay Porn Star Love That Lasted

Finding love is hard in of itself, just look at the proliferation of online dating. Add in the fact that we gay men are a fickle bunch plus being a gay porn star makes finding true love that lasts a statistical anomaly. I’ve blogged a lot of problematic relationships recently but here are seven that lasted more than a year.

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Isaac Jones Fucked D.O. in British Pounds

Dionisio Heiderscheid D.O. is turning out to be a lot hotter bottom than when he was a top. Since Lucas Entertainment recruited him, D.O. has gotten fucked by Hot Rod, Trenton Ducati and Edji Da Silva and he’s developed his bottoming style by backing onto the top that may have become his signature.

D.O. again backs onto Isaac Jones in scene 2 of British Pounds by Lucas in this sweaty flip-fuck scene that shows his ass and fucking skills.

There are also new photos of Isaac Jones taken by GD Photo Arts showing his shredded body.

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Harley Everett and Anonymous Mr. X Pound Samuel Colt at Butch Dixon

I have no clue who masked Mr. X is but he’s hot enough that Butch Dixon made an exception, allowing to remain anonymous with a mask on as he and Harley Everett use muscle daddy Samuel Colt. Samuel Colt is put to work in this scene as he services his two masters and I got an eye full watching Mr. X spread his fuzzy buttcrack for Samuel Colt’s tongue and Colt’s own ass getting spread and pounded.

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